Thursday , 22 November 2018
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How to Manage Windows Server 2016

Server uses different software in order to optimize its capability. Microsoft introduced Windows Server 2016 as upgrade version from previous one. It has more capabilities, specifically for cloud and virtual computing. Managing this software is not difficult when you are familiar, but new features many be new thing that needs utmost attention. Managing Windows Server 2016 System installation First thing ...
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5 Most Useful References .NET Core API version 2.0

References will help developer to connect into different platform. API is a package to create specific app. There are many API to fulfill project requirement. One of top examples is .NET Core API from Microsoft. Another function is for developing web API. You can use NET Framework to develop specific API for particular website. For this purpose, you need more ...
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Windows Server Virtualization

Windows Server Virtualization, with the newest series in 2017 is actually the newest and latest technology related product manufactured by Microsoft. It is mostly used by those who are expertise of website and application development. It is the improved version of the previous series, Windows Server 2016. As you might have expected, this application program does have several new and ...
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Let’s Compare Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012

Windows Server is one of popular software to manage server and database. Microsoft has introduced several versions from 2008, 2012, and 2016. Each version has differences due to upgrade for enhancing performance. Nowadays, Windows Server 2012 and 2016 are the most commonly used on database, server, and networking. What are differences between 2016 and 2012? Microsoft released 2012 version because ...
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Trying New Windows Server 2016?

Windows Server 2016 is considered as potentially able to turn out to be a best-seller among IT experts, users, as well as companies. It was designed at the same time as Windows 10. The experienced team in Windows Server developer work together with the teams in Azure and System Center to build a strong network. This collaboration resulted in a ...
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New features on SQL Server 2016

SQL 2016 is one of the latest and newest features in the form of technological product produced and manufactured by Microsoft. Just like many products which have been produced after their predecessors, this series of SQL will feature many things and advancement the previous series does come with. In the matter of the function, SQL will still do its job ...
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