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Is Joomla Good to Use These Days?

Joomla is one of the most populer CMS that is used by a lot of people in this world. However, there is a question that comes from some people about Joomla. Generally, they always ask as if Joomla good to use these days is. Maybe it is depended on the needs of each user. Below we will explain many things about Joomla to answer the question above.

Joomla can be explained or defined as a contain management system or CMS. Why? It is because Joomla had already able to make its own contents like for making websites and the other. Joomla is the best CMS lately because Joomla is developer really well and quick among the society. However, the installation process of Joomla is not that easy. Maybe for them who already understood about Joomla, it is not a big deal. However, it can be different for them who are not understanding about this CMS.

At the present time, Web Hosting is the best service place for your websites. You can make a Joomla Hosting with a web hosting provider. In addition, you don’t need to worry about domain, database and many more things. If we talked about Joomla, it can’t be separated from its competitor, WordPress. Joomla and WordPress are two PHP Scripts software that are mostly used in most places in this world. Both of this CMS has a design and structure that is suited with its aim. In the other words we can say that Joomla and WordPress is equal and both of them is great because they have their different function.

From some references that we can get, there are some main differences between Joomla and WordPress. As an example is from the SEO term in which both of these CMS have their own pros. Joomla needs certain settings for increasing the SEO like adding tags, changing the URL, ping and sitemap. For webmaster, again this thing is maybe not an aspect that needs to worry. However, for some newbie bloggers, it can be a big problem and obstacle. Meanwhile in WordPress, some things that are related with SEO are already available, except Sitemap. However, in fact sitemap can be installed easily.

In themes design term, we can say that Joomla is better than WordPress because Joomla make memory hosting saving as their main concentration. It seems that WordPress is perfect for the beginners who need to save some spaces because of the limited hosting. How about plugin? It seems that it is not a problem because the developers had already prepared it and users just need to download it and it is FREE. A thing that makes it different is just how to install it. The other thing that we need to know is that Joomla is seemed more complicated than WordPress. We can see this difficulty when we wanted to make some posts, module (Joomla) and Widget (WordPress). WordPress categories are easier to understand because it is supported by various different languages.

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