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Why Ecommerce Site Needs SSL Certificate

Why ecommerce site needs SSL certificate?

Before answering this question, it is better for us to understand about the definition of SSL first. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a security protocol that will secure all the kinds of transactions on your website, from the website access up to the sensitive transaction like an online shopping registration, email up to credit card.

The main reason why SSL is used is for keeping sensitive information that is sent to the internet, encrypted. That is why; receiver that is targeted is the only person that can understand it. As an example, if your website was not encrypted by the SSL certificate, each computer and server will be able to see your credit card number, username and even your password and the other sensitive information.

Why the Ecommerce Site has to use SSL Certificate?

Web browser gives a visual sign like a key icon or green bar to make sure the visitors know that their connection is safe enough. Below are some reasons why ecommerce site has to use the SSL Certificate:

  1. SSL Certificate can be used for authentic process. It means that you can be sure enough that you sent information to the right server and not to the criminal server. Why it was so essential? It is because each computer can act like they are your site and it can lie to the users by sending them some personal information.
  2. SSL Certificate can protect us from phishing. Phishing email is an email that is sent by a criminal who tried to copy our website. This email is usually contained some links that redirect to their own websites or using the man in the middle With the SSL Certificate, criminals will be hard to copy your site perfectly. Usually, your site will have a green bar if you used the SSL and this green bar will be not seen on the criminal sites.

So, is my website needs SSL Certificate?

If you sell a product, the answer for that question is maybe. If you taken the direct credit card payment on your website, it is for sure that you need the SSL Certificate in the area for encrypting your customer’s credit card information. However, it doesn’t mean that you will need it in whole of your sites. Maybe, you will decide to use SSL only on your online shop or on the checkout page. For an example, if you used exclusively PayPal for accepting the payment, you may not need SSL because consumers will not pay you directly.

If you offered a membership, whether it is free or paid, SSL is maybe a great idea. After all members give their address, email, name and password, there is more possibility that their data will be used on the other sites. Using SSL Certificate will reduce a risk to any security problems that will cause the customers’ information are spread in the whole internet. If your site is only a blog, so you maybe not need the SSL certificate.

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