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Instant Website Builder for the Easy Way to Have a Great Website

Have you ever made a website? Maybe some of you were not experiencing in making a website yet. If you wanted to learn in how to make a website, we have interesting information about website builder. What is this actually? Website builder is a certain device that wills possibly you to make a web page in an easy way even without the knowledge about PHP and HTML. Nowadays, there are many kinds of instant website builder services that we can see. However, many people prefer to choose because in fact it has so many advantages and pros than the other website builders. Below we will share about this instant website builder for the easy way to have a great website.

Why we have to choose has many simples and great features that will help you in making your own website page. Furthermore, you can even create a website without any scripts or codes. Usually, you just need to drag and drop the images and the text. With the features that are owned by, you will be able to edit those texts and images. also has some different packages that will meet any requirements. It will be perfect whether you want to make an online shop or a simple website for displaying your business. Each of those features comes with different feature levels that you can choose based on your needs.

Instant Website Builder Packages from

There are three different instant website builder packages that you will get from Below is the information of those packages.

  1. Basic Website Builder. This is a perfect package to inform customers about who they are and also about what they do. This package will tablet, computer and mobile preview at any time to see how your site is looked like at the different device. To use this basic package, you have to pay $7,00 per month.
  2. Business Website Builder. If your business was getting bigger and bigger, this is the right package that you can use. With this page, you will be able to increase the page numbers on your website and choose many different template options. You have to pay $12,00 per month to use this package.
  3. Enterprise Website Builder. This is a package that will not make the users to worry about working with different plugins for payment provisions and shopping baskets. This package cost $20,00 per month.

The Different Features Levels on Each Package

It is for sure that each package has the different features. Below are the differences.

  1. Basic website builder has 100 mb storage space, unlimited bandwidth, 5 total pages, 25 total templates, 1 email account, 500mb email spaces and many more.
  2. Business website builder has 1000mb storage space, unlimited bandwidth and total pages, 75 total templates, 5 email accounts and many more.
  3. Enterprise website builder has unlimited storage space, bandwidth and total pages. It also has 100 total pages, unlimited email accounts, 500 MB email spaces and etc.

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