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Why Mail Server Keep Being Marked as Spam

Mail Server Keep Being Marked as Spam

Why sometimes your email was included to a spam folder so that the email owner will not know that you had already sent an email? This is a problem that sometimes occurred. For this condition, there are some reasons that you can notice. Below is the further explanation.

  1. Mail Server is noticed as a Spam Blacklist

The most common thing that the email which you send is included to spam is because your IP address server email is not having a good reputation or maybe it had already included to the spam blacklist list. It will make the email that you sent will be always entered to spam folder. For this case, you can contact the provider for getting the solution.

  1. Mail Server is Entangled the Content Filter

Your IP address maybe clean enough and has a legitimating, but if your content email contains some bad words that are included as the spam words, your email will still enter the spam folder. How to overcome this? The only solution is that you have to use the polite words that are not entered as the grey zone although you were in a bad mood. Never use any bad words on your email content.

  1. Mail Server keep being marked as spam because of the email filter

The third reason why mail server keep being marked as spam is that because of the email filter. If I did not like the email that you send to me, it is so easy. I just need to give a check sign on your email and click “mark as a spam” then the case is closed and your email will not enter my email inbox anymore. How if it was still not included as spam? You can make a filter that states “..that all the emails that were sent from your email will be straightly discarded to spam folder”. This is the sentence that I made. You can define filter through the email filter and after you did the filter, it can be guaranteed that the email will be straightly included to spam. That is why; as an email user, we have to be careful in sending any emails to someone. Make sure that we are not disturbing them by sending a lot of unimportant email every day, especially if we did not know that person.

  1. Because of the one way email

We found that an email discarded to spam folder because that email is sent in one way. For an example, a domain that is activated recently and then send an email to the other parties who use, so it will be automatically entered to spam. However, if the email accepter of replies your email, your next email will be directly entered to the inbox of the accepter.

Those are some information that we can share about why mail server keeps being marked as well. We hope that you find the best solutions here and now you can make your email free from spam.

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