Wednesday , 12 May 2021
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What Is VPS Hosting?

If you have a website with busy traffic, yet can’t afford to purchase a dedicated server, the virtual private server (VPS) hosting will be a perfect choice for you. The VPS hosting has become a common solution for many websites, whether it is personal or business. A VPS hosting actually is a server that divided in couples of server. Each ...
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SeekDotNet Announces Release of The SQL Server 2012

SeekDotNet, a reliable web hosting company specializing in ASP.NET hosting services, announces the deployment of SQL Server 2012 in its web hosting packages. The SQL Server 2012 is brand new database management software from Microsoft that provides robust solutions for businesses to organize and secure company’s data in one large-scale framework. Businesses are often must face complicated issues, whether it ...
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What’s On SQL Server 2012

On April 2012 Microsoft finally released the SQL Server 2012. The long anticipated database management software has got good reviews just few days after being released. The new SQL server 2012 offers new improved features  that are useful for businesses to store, organize and secure vital data. Let’s see several new key features in the SQL server 2012. ColumnStore Indexes ...
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Why You Need Mail Hosting Service

  Communicating with clients or customers is essential for your business. Nowadays, sending an email is the most simple and fast way to maintain such communication, whether you run online business or traditional corporation. That’s why you need email hosting for your company. Although there are free email services, such as Google and Yahoo, but they will give your business ...
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The Advantages of SugarCRM

Relatively new open-source solution, SugarCRM has gained much attention from corporate and business people to reorganize their management process. SugarCRM, stands for Customer Relationship Management, system provides tools that will be very effective for integrating information system. This is why SugarCRM gains more and more popularity among corporate and business website developers. Company’s management needs an information system to plan ...
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.NET Forge – A Robust CMS For Small & Medium-Sized Business

The .NET technology is now has a new comer in its array of content management system (CMS), it is the .NET Forge CMS. The new CMS is a professional platform that comes with e-commerce means, ORM tools and MVC architecture that had been tried out in large projects. The .NET Forge from Bitrix is an ideal CMS for blogging, online ...
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