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What’s the Best Feature from .NET CORE?

Have you ever heard about .NET CORE? Some people are maybe not familiar with this, but the rest of them (especially for them who are always deal with computer and internet) maybe know about .NET CORE. .NET CORE is a modular and also a high performance as an implementation of .NET. This is used for creating the web applications and some services that run in Windows, Mac and Linux. .NET CORE is an open source and furthermore it can share the same code with the .NET Framework and also Xamarin Apps.

Below are some enhancements that we can get from this .NET CORE:

  • Cross Platform. We will be able to create .NET CORE apps that run on Mac OS, Linux and Windows.
  • Unified and fast. It means that the applications can give better response times and it requires less computer power.
  • Lightweight and modern because the language supports the C#, vb, F# and it also has modern constructs like LINQ, generics, async support and many more.
  • Open Source. As what we already said above that .NET CORE is open source.

Those are some explanation that we can share about .NET CORE. Besides knowing that information, it will be interesting for us to know its best feature. Below are some top features from .NET CORE:

  1. The Role of Project.json

Nowadays, ASP.NET is using the specific project.json file to keep all configuration information in project degree. Project.config can save a lot of configuration settings like the references for nugget package that is used in a project and framework target. Some other parts that are commonly used in Project.json are sources, instructions and works.

  1. Startup Application

In an ASP.NET, Global.asax will act as an entry point of the application. You can tie some event of handlers for some events like session_start and application_start. At the main of ASP.NET, the application startup run in different way based on the startup class. Usually, startup class will be started with constructor.

  1. Tag Helpers

In ASP.NET MVC 5, you can use some helpers like HTML of begin form, text box for and; LabelFor. You can always use this HTML helper in your main ASP.NET. However, there is a better alternative that you can take, the tag helpers. Tag Helpers will take the standard tag HTML with certain ASP attribute that is added to them. For making a form, usually you have to pay attention on the markup. Tag helpers is more comfortable to use than the HTML because their syntax is quite similar with HTML Markup.

  1. Dependency Injection

ASP.NET CORE provides the inbuilt framework injection. This ASP.NET frame offers 4 forever modes that are injected. Those frames are:

  1. Scoped
  2. Transien
  3. In this thing, you are the one who takes a responsibility in creating an object from a service. The framework then will use the example from single mode that had already explained above.

Those are the information about .NET CORE and some of its best features. As a new thing from .NET, it is for sure that .NET CORE has so many new things and service that will make customers are easier and more comfortable as well.

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