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Getting Started with ASP.NET Core MVC and Visual Studio

Visual Studio is software with capability to develop the apps for computer. New upgrade of this software is more powerful because it’s integrated with ASP.NET core. If you are familiar with Visual Studio from previous version, the basic steps to create the app are easy. The most important part is ASP.NET Core because it is open source framework from Microsoft.

Creating App with ASP.NET core MVC and Visual Studio

  1. Preparation

Visual Studio is proprietary software from Microsoft to create the other apps or software. Basically, you can build software that runs for computer or laptop. It is not necessary end-user software, but include the server or database app. Nowadays, Visual Studio is much better because of new upgrade to suit recent technology. Programmer may turn the project to run for browser. Therefore, you can create web app.

  1. Introduction

Smartphone is at the top market for digital device. Today, people like to spend their work on smartphone because it’s very flexible and practical. You do not need to carry laptop just for browsing or doing small task. This is where many software developers move into mobile industry. Popular apps have their own version for smartphone and tablet. In order to create proper app, ASP.NET Core is introduced with more powerful feature.

In past time, you had to open browser to visit website. It was not very effective. To simplify this process, you can use web app or web UI. In general, website creates its own app to install into smartphone memory. When users access this app, it is similar to open via browser.  This is very convenient because developer may increase website capability without worry about client-side area. This is what ASP.NET core takes place to fulfill developer requirement for creating web app. For your information, this is only framework to develop app, so you still need software that’s already integrated into this framework.

  1. Creating app

MVC on ASP.NET Core stands for Model, View, and Controller. Traditional app integrates model and controller. When you upgrade this app, both sections have to get similar upgrade. It is not effective and efficient. New ASP.NET Core will separate each parts then enhance without worry about other. However, the app still works properly in spite of this separation.

Moreover, the controller will handle browser section such as sending and retrieving data. The model is core of software that manipulates and organizes everything. After all process is done, the view will present into users. It is user interface area that can be improved separately without changing the Model and Controller section. Designer handles UI through Views. When using Visual Studio, you optimize each section. After the app is ready, further upgrade will be available quickly based on demand and necessary aspect. Developer does not have to wait until all parts are out of date.

ASP.NET Core has more benefits due to open source platform. Developer and programmer can run and test the app for different platform. They do not have to buy license from other; just to check whether the app works properly or not. This matter lets Visual Studio to become software for creating multiplatform app with ASP.NET Core MVC.

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