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How to Avoid your Mail Server from Blacklist

Avoid Mail Server from Blacklist

In the previous article we already explained about the reason why mail server keeps being marked as spam. Actually, there are some tips that we can do to avoid the mail server from blacklist. Below are some of those tips:

  1. First of all, make sure that your email is included to the inbox folder and not the spam box. Most people are rarely opening email that is included to spam box. Most of them will be also directly deleting the email that goes in there. As for the solution, make sure that he receiver save your email as a contact on their email.
  2. Make sure that we always give a title at anytime we send an email. It is because some people are forget to give any titles to the emails which the send because they are in rush.
  3. Do not use the capital words. Yes, we have to avoid the capital words whether in the email title or on the email body. Avoid using the capital words is an ethical thing in internet. Capital words are identical as an un-polite expression because it likes an expression of someone who is shouting. That is why; there is more possibility that the spam filter will include it’s as a blacklist.
  4. Make sure that our name appears clearly as a sender. Because making sure that yourself as a sender, make sure that technically there is an information that states “From: ‘your name” <youremail[at]yourdomain>. Make sure that you entered the right name on the email program that you use and make sure that this setting is permanent. You can use the capital letters, but make sure that those are only at the beginning of the words only. For email, you have not used the capital letters.
  5. Give a relevant title. On the subject part, make sure that you fill it with enough information. Make it not too short and not too long as well. The best title is title with 3 up to 5 words. Besides that, you have to avoid the empty subject, subject with only one word and avoid subject with too long words.
  6. Content of the message. Make sure that the content is positive and forming a paragraph.
  7. Make sure that at the end of your email there are some information of your name, your company, and company address and telephone number.
  8. Do not enter your email to some sites forums that are not trusted enough.
  9. Use a good and trusted email service so it will protect you from the spam emails.

Avoid sending attachment in on your email. A kind of email that gets an extra attention from email spam filter is email with attachment. On some email filters, usually those attachments will be deleted. The attachments can be deleted partially or maybe the whole parts of the attachment. In the other words we can say that your email will be not received by the receiver.

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