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What’s the Good and Bad from New WordPress 4.7

WordPress 4.7 is the newest type from WordPress that was released sometime in 2016. Some experts agreed that it is a major release that was done by WordPress in that year. Why? It is because we can find many exciting features on this version. These exciting features are the good they? Below is the further explanation.

The Good things from WordPress 4.7

  • First of all, WordPress 4.7 has a new theme that is called the Twenty Seventeen. This new theme is great but some people said that it is more a business focused theme than the previous year offerings. Besides that, what makes this theme is better is that it is the first default theme that wills possibly us to use full video backgrounds.
  • The next good thing from WordPress 4.7 is that the starter content is now available for the themes. Some of us who has ever downloaded a premium theme are maybe familiar with idea about demo content. Furthermore, it is a readymade content for setting up your theme and it can make your theme looks professional quickly. Now, we can get this idea at the new Twenty Seventeen theme.
  • Custom CSS us now lives within the customizer. It is maybe one of the best things that are done by Wordpres. Now, we can add style changes to the section of Custom CSS and you will love how they change your sites’ look in real time. It is really GREAT.
  • What’s next? Now the PDF Uploads is added to the Media Library. In addition, it comes with preview thumbnails so that you can see what they contain easily.
  • Now, WordPress 4.7 is also coming by ability for searching media by filename as well as title.
  • Do you want some more? It seems that WordPress gives it best for this WordPress 4.7. The next good thing that we can find on this version is that now developers are being able to set their own bulk actions at the admin and the WordPress REST API integration is also continued on this version
  • Besides those good things above, in this WordPress 4.7 users can also choose their own dashboard language. It means that each one be able to pick their own language to be used for the admin of WordPress from the user profile. It is a really interesting feature that will make us are more comfortable and easier in using WordPress 4.7

The Bad Things from WordPress 4.7

There is not anything that is perfect in this world, included for this WordPress version. The first bad thing that we can find from WordPress 4.7 is that about the PDF Thumbnails. Some customers said that this PDF Upload is not worked well. It seems that we need the correct support on our web server. So far, it is the only bad thing that we can find in this WordPress 4.7. It seems that WordPress 4.7 comes with more good things than the bad things that make this is the best version that we can use.

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