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New Technology from ASP.NET

ASP.NET, have you ever heard about that? For them who always worked with computer, internet and website or blog, ASP.NET is maybe a familiar thing. ASP.NET is the newest development from Microsoft Active Server Pages or ASP and it is a new and reliable server side server technology to make a dynamic website page. That is why; ASP.NET becomes the main option for most website owners because of its benefits. Besides that, there are also various technologies that are available in ASP.NET and of course the newest technology is better than the old one, isn’t it?

Now the question is what is the new technology from ASP.NET? We can answer that it is the ASP.NET 5 or it is also called the ASP.NET vNet. Some changes had been made on this new technology. With some interesting features, this new technology is loved by customers and website owners. What are those kinds of features? Below is the further explanation of the new features from ASP.NET 5.

  1. Re-build doesn’t need for this new technology for every code changing although the code that is changes in a .cs file. It is because ASP.NET 5 is completed with Roslyn compiler.
  2. In the previous version, you will need a lot of configurations to publish or deploy a project to the cloud. However, now ASP.NET 5 cooperates with Visual Studio 2015 and everything is much easier than before. You just need to do the project convert from ASP.NET to Azire project and then publish it to Azure.
  3. NET 5 can be hosted in IIS or even the self host
  4. NET 5 is now becoming the open code project in github. All code sources can be seen at repository.
  5. There are three kinds of engines that can run the ASP.NET
  6. You will find complete Microsoft.Net Framework in this new ASP.NET 5.
  7. Main CLR (ASP.NET is now not depending on assembly that is located in Web system name space.
  8. Inter platform CLR (for Mac and Linux)
  9. NET 5 can be run together with other .NET Framework. With this CLR, the main library will be not taken from Global Assembly Cache. All libraries needed is can be downloaded by using Nuget and it will exist on bin application folder.
  10. There is no need to add assembly references in Visual studio project.Visual studio is supported intellisense in that file so it will be easier to add the needed assembly.
  11. NET project includes some combination of ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET web API and ASP.NET Web Pages that can be worked together without any problems just like MVC 6 feature that combines those three things become one.
  12. NET uses the new http pipes track in which those pipes are simpler and shorter and the http performance is much better as well.
  13. The dependency injection had already available in ASP.NET 5, so the modular application is now much easier.

ASP.NET 5 can run the lower ASP.NET version without any changing exclude the ASP.NET MVC 6 and Signal R 3 that had already used the new pipes track.

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