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What’s Best Feature from IIS 8.5

It is always interesting to talk about the best feature from a new thing, such as from IIS 8.5. IIS or Internet Information Services or Internet Information Server is an HTTP web server that is used in a Windows operation system server; it is started from the Windows NT 4.0 and many more. Now, the IIS 8.5 is coming some enhanced features that make the website hosting and managing is easier than before. On this article, we will talk more about the newest features from IIS 8.5.

In fact, IIS has been existed more than 17 years since its first release of Windows NT 3.51. Early, it was stared with the basic of HTTP of server and then it is evolved to configurable in a full way, highly secure and high performing web server as well. The IIS 8.5 is now launched with some exciting and new features. Below are some new features that we can see on this IIS 8.5:

  • The Activation of Dynamic Website in this IIS 8.5
  • Process of Idle worker page out at IIS 8.5
  • Logging system for the IIS 8.5 is enhanced
  • There is a logging for event tracing for Windows in this IIS 8.5

We will try to discuss some of those features and see them in action as well. It will be interesting as well if we could compare it with some features in IIS 8.1.

Feature of Dynamic Website Activation in IIS 8.5

We all knew that in IIS 8.0 that is existed in Sever 2012, IIS will activate all websites that are configured in it, especially if you were hosting more than one websites. The Dynamic Website Activation in this IIS 8.5, it will not activate all sites during the time of boot up. IIS will activate a site when the first request is received. It will need some time for this activation. However, after everything was done, we will know that all subsequent requests that will respond as what we expected. Furthermore, this feature will reduce the memory consumption and the unused resources that can unnecessarily happen during the time of boot up, especially for websites which are accessed rarely or even that are not accessed at all.

The thing that you have to know is that now the IIS 8.5 let us set the threshold whiles the activation of configuring dynamic website. For knowing about some steps about this threshold, you can search on some sources like internet or from some IT magazines.

Those are some information about the IIS 8.5 and some of its best features that we can share. Now we know that IIS 8.5, as a brand new HTTP from Windows operation server provides many interesting features that will be beneficial for customers. You can choose this HTTP service as your option. We hope that this article and information is beneficial for you, so you can find the right information and find what you look for as well.

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