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SSL Certificate for Increasing your SEO

SSL Certificate

Google is now having a huge ambition to make any websites is much safer than before. Lately, Google announced that now a website is better for using HTTPS or SSL for the SEO aspect. In the other words we can say that SSL is an essential factor to make Google trusts your website and recommends your website to appear at the main page of Google than the other websites without SSL or without HTTPS.

What are the advantages of SSL? SSL has many advantages for our websites. As we already explained before that SSL can make your website is more secure. SSL is a thing that you need to apply, especially if you had an ecommerce site or online shop. Besides that, in fact SSL can make your website gets more visitors because your website will get a priority in Google search engine. That is why; it is better to get your SSL now.

Why you need SSL?

There are many reasons why you have to start using the SSL Certificate on your website. The reason why you have to use SSL is to make your data is not seen by sniffer. This is really important to secure your data more than before. For an example, if the login page and your website is no using SSL, there is a possibility when your customer was filling the login form it will be seen by sniffer when they clicked the submit button. This data will be seen by sniffer that will cause the username and password is known by that sniffer. It will be more risky and more dangerous if those username and password is an access for having a financial transaction. That is why; almost all the internet banking are using SSL certificate to guarantee the security of their transaction data.

Does the SSL Certificate have an effect for SEO?

In some years ago, many people are maybe not brave enough to answer this question. Why? It is because there is no statement before from Google about SSL for supporting the SEO aspect. In the past, SEO is no referred to SSL, but it refers to the relevant content and there is still many pros and cons whether SSL can have an impact on SEO or not. However, lately Google had officially announced that SSL is now becoming one of the important aspects to make good SEO. Although there is still many pros and cons, but in fact Google always make a wise decision about everything. They already thought deeply about that and as the result, now this decision can be accepted by the website owners. So, if your site is was not using the SSL yet, this is maybe the right time for applying and using SSL Certificate on your website. Besides supporting the SEO on your website, SSL Certificate can make your website has better protection than before. also provides SSL Certificates for your website needs, please contact our Technical Support Team for the complete information.

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