Friday , 23 February 2018
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What’s CDN and how it Works

Have you ever heard about CDN? CDN is an important feature especially for website optimizing. Furthermore, this is an effective way to make a website is faster. Below is the definition of CDN and the explanation of how it works that we will share for you. The Definition of CDN CDN or Content Delivery Network is a server network that ...
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Instant Website Builder for the Easy Way to Have a Great Website

Have you ever made a website? Maybe some of you were not experiencing in making a website yet. If you wanted to learn in how to make a website, we have interesting information about website builder. What is this actually? Website builder is a certain device that wills possibly you to make a web page in an easy way even ...
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SSL Certificate for Increasing your SEO

SSL Certificate Google is now having a huge ambition to make any websites is much safer than before. Lately, Google announced that now a website is better for using HTTPS or SSL for the SEO aspect. In the other words we can say that SSL is an essential factor to make Google trusts your website and recommends your website to ...
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Why Ecommerce Site Needs SSL Certificate

Why ecommerce site needs SSL certificate? Before answering this question, it is better for us to understand about the definition of SSL first. SSL or Secure Socket Layer is a security protocol that will secure all the kinds of transactions on your website, from the website access up to the sensitive transaction like an online shopping registration, email up to ...
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How to Get Your CMS Site to be more secured

CMS Security System The most important factor that is considered to some businessmen about their website is not only about the benefits, but also protection. It is reasonable because we always heard that a website is hacked by stranger and it cannot be operated again. That is why; we have to know some tips in how to get your CMS ...
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SEO Suggestion for 2017

Search Engine Optimization SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most important factors that you have to consider, especially if you had and manage a website. In fact, the SEO strategy is mostly changing from years to years. In the other words we can say that some of SEO strategies on 2016 are not appropriate to be used ...
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