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Practical Tips to Secure Your Cloud Data; Part I

In today`s era, you don`t need to always depend on your PC or laptop to store your data and always bring them with you wherever you go. Time has changed and people now more likely to use data on cloud so you can access it everywhere as long as connected to internet connection. The popularity of cloud storage is increasing lately with the need of secure, accessible and quick data everywhere. That`s why cloud storage is hot now.

Let`s name a few! From Google Drive to Dropbox, people tend to use them to store data online and access it easily. People also can share the file and data with other people as long as they authorized to access it. But, the popularity of cloud storage also sparks security concerns. If you have data stored on cloud now, here are six practical tips to help you double secure your data. To make it easier for you, we divide them into two different articles. Enjoy!

1. Back up data locally
This is the golden rule when you talk about managing data; always to have backup of it. It is wise to also store the same data on your computer or external hard drive, so when your cloud data has been compromised or corrupted, you still have the data on your hand; untouched. You can also use cloud storage as your backup. You can sign up to many cloud storage services and make them as your backup.

2. Double check data you stored
Even though every cloud services will say that their service is 100% safe and secure, we can`t really trust how internet works because there were always been security breach everywhere, even in the most top system in the world. So don`t get too rush and store everything on the cloud, even the sensitive data. You better keep your top secret files on your hand rather than save it on internet where many fraud hackers can steal it. Sensitive data can be documents full of your customers` credit card numbers, address, list of passwords for various online activities, national identification number and many more. It is safe to say avoid storing confidential data on cloud storage. If you must really have to include them on your cloud, don`t forget to encrypt them before you store it on cloud.

3. Choose the best cloud services that encrypt your data
One of the easiest ways to guard your online data stored on cloud is to encrypt your data. This action provides your better security because when someone unauthorized try to access your data, the cloud storage will ask for decryption process before they granted to see the data. If you can encrypt your data yourself, it will be better if your cloud storage offer feature to encrypt the data during uploading and downloading the data. Encryption can be pain way to secure your data but this is still the best way to make your only you who have the control of the data and others can`t even take a peak on it.

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