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Tips to Choose Successful Hashtag for Social Media Marketing

Hashtag is one of the common things you would see in any social media websites, especially Twitter. Hashtag is hottest thing you can do on social media to promote your product more efficiently at the moment. Hashtag is not only way for Twitter or other social media to categorize post or add emphasize on your status, but eagle-eyed marketers have been using this hashtag phenomenon to bring their product up in the air. Do you use hashtags in social media marketing too?

Marketers now have utilized hashtag to the new level; drive conversation about certain topics that have relation to their product/services, gain public support to their campaigns as well as gain public attention to their brands. This smart move from digital marketers reminds you or us in general that hashtags can be great tool for marketing strategy.

Then, what if your hashtag is interpreted differently by other people? What if your competitors also use the same hashtag? Then, before make your own hashtag, it is wise to consider few things to maximize your hashtag`s exposure when you use it live. Here we have four tips to choose the right hashtag that will lead you to hashtag success as part of your marketing strategy.

1. Search the hashtag before make it your own
The worst thing that can happen when create a hashtag is that the other people or even the competitors have already own that hashtag or people use the hashtag for different topic. That`s why research is important thing to do. Use Twitter search bar to search the possibility hashtag you want to use, see if there are any similar hashtag already used before.

2. Choose uniquely
As a marketer, the main reason to use hashtag is to reach your community through it, especially during launch of new product, events or just casual Twitter chat. To grab people`s attention to your hashtag, choose something unique not as plain as #yourbusinesname. Use words with initial of your brands (if possible) then combine it with catchy word that will let others join the conversation, even when they don`t know about your business.

3. Choose hashtag that is easy to remember
When choosing a hashtag, it’s important to make it easy for people to remember. With million hashtag used in social media daily, hashtag that is short and strong are the last resort. You have to think about making hashtag that short, easy to remember and will give people sort of knowledge what is the meaning of your hashtag; even before know about your brands or business. If your hashtag is too complicated, long or hard to spell, it will defeat the purpose of hashtag using, because people may forget it as soon as they see it or may not be able to fit it in their limited 140-characters tweets.

4. Use the same hashtag on all your social media channels
It is impossible if your business only have account in one social media only. With many of social media websites today, many people, marketers we say, have more than 3 accounts in social media; at least on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Use the same hashtag that you`ve already created into all of your social media channels. With this effort, you will make people have your hashtag stick on their mind and also gives your hashtag more opportunity to get exposed and encourage people to spread it.


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