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3 Signs Your PC Has Been Compromised

Have you ever felt that something wrong happen with your PC? As the owner, you probably can feel if your PC acts strangely. If you do feel so, it might the sign that your PC has been infected with virus or malware from the internet. Maybe we all are tired about our PC getting compromised, but who in this world never use PC to connect to internet which the ultimate source for viruses and malware.

Everyone is connected to internet now and the risk of getting infected is increasing. If you are still doubt whether your PC is infected or need maintenance due to age or other things, here he have 3 signs to make you believe that your PC has been compromised. If your PC has one of these signs, or even has them all, it really time for you to do something with your PC.

1. Your email is sending out spam
If you get call or message from family or friends saying that they receive spam email from you, there are two possibilities; either your PC or your account has been compromised. This happen because you are infected with malware that resides in your PC. Beside it compromise your PC, it also compromises your browser activity. It will be easier for malware to send out spam when you have your passwords saved on your browser. With the password, malware will send out spam to all contacts you have on your email. There is also possibility if your account is being hacked, but it is rare case.

2. Your password changed
If you receive email notification from website or email provider where you are registered saying that your account password has been changed while you never change it, you may have malware attack. This can happen because items downloaded online, especially the ones that never get scanned before open it on your computer. Hackers can easily use internet file, like audio, images, etc to bind the Trojan malware. Many people will never notice if their PC has been infected with Trojan. So, pay attention to your browsing habit. Only download file from legit sources.

3. Unwanted browser toolbars installed
When you downloaded applications from internet and install it on your PC, without you even notice it, you might install malware to your PC at the same time. In the past, if you want to install certain application, there was option to tick if you want to install additional toolbar if you want. But these days those options are gone automatic, so you can`t prevent yourself from installing unwanted toolbar. Not only can track your browsing habits, these unwanted toolbar will also automatically redirect you to a different and strange website while searching, and of course will slow down your PC.

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