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Choosing an Operating System for a Virtual Private Server

Operating system is an essential part when you wanted to configured a Virtual Private Server. If you done everything in the right way, you will get the right operations that will make you easier to operate everything that you need. It can help you to choose the apps that are needed; it can form the server’s core, time to tune everything and many more jobs. However, how to choose the right operating system for a VPS? Below are some tips that maybe can help you.

1. Choose one, Windows Server Installations or Linux 
Yes, the first thing that you have to do in choosing an Operating System for a Virtual Private Server is deciding which one of the installations that you want to use. Is it a Windows server installation or Linux. Both of them are available in the web. Linux and Windows have its own pros and cons. Windows is more expensive than Linux and windows cannot be well integrated with many open sources language programming. Besides that, it has more resource intensive than Linux. However, we cannot deny that sometimes some conditions make you to still go with Windows. It is because windows are well integrated for the development of ASP.NET/ASP. Besides that, windows are also ideal for every operator with database of MS SQL. The main reason why someone prefers in using windows that Linux is that Windows are easier to use and the other words we can say that you do not need to gain too many knowledge to operate it.

2. Condition that You Should Have for Microsoft Windows Server
Actually, you had to have the right condition when you wanted to use the Microsoft Windows Server. This condition is that you have to apply a specific program or application from Microsoft. You have to use the same language that is used by Windows, so you can develop really well. You are also did not having a deal of the technical server where the server is concerned or if you were not having any experiences with Linux.

3. If you had to choose Linux, try to best one that works for you.
As it is said before that Linux supports many open sources, there are many different Linux distributors that you can choose as a server operator. However, choosing the best one is maybe not a piece of cake even if you asked many recommendations from your friends. Mostly, you will get the different answer about which Linux is the best. For making you easier, actually there are 5 Linux distros that lead the market. They are Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, Debian and Red Hat Enterprise. If you were a newbie on this world, it is better to choose Ubuntu or CentOS. Both of this linux are more intuitive and powerful. Besides that, both of them are easier to be used by the beginner. Meanwhile, if you felt that you were already knew about Linux, you can choose Debian, red hat or fedora. Debian is the one with minimal installation.

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