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Practical Tips to Secure Your Cloud Data; Part II

So you have read our first part of practical tips to secure your cloud data. Now, it is time to tell you the rest of them. Here we have another four practical tips to secure your data stored on online cloud service. Do remember that prevention is better than the cure, so let`s double secure your online data and let no one play with it.

1. Before upload the data, encrypt it!
If you choose the cloud storage service that is not offer you ability to encrypt your data manually, it means that you are the one who need to encrypt it. You can use third party tool to help you with the encryption. All you have to do is download a protection app for cloud because they will allow you to ask for password and generate secret key sequences to your data before you upload them on the cloud storage.

2. Read the terms of service cloud storage service before use it
This time we ask you to be fully aware to check which cloud storage you want to use. Don`t even try to skip the terms of conditions because usually company put their rules on it. Read carefully all the terms and see if there is any substantial word that will make the provider company eligible to share and distribute your data without your permission. You can use search engine to find review about certain cloud storage service before decide to use it.

3. Use Strong Password and Apply Two-Step Verification
To avoid you from malicious hackers out there, your password is your first weapon to tackle them down. Choose the strong password that only you can think of that. Make sure it is unique and different from all others online accounts that you have. If you want, you can also apply two-step verification to make your cloud data becomes more secure and safe.

4. Watch your online behavior
Sometimes, the security of your clod data also depends on your online behavior, especially on public computers or connections. If you use public computer, never opt to save your password there and ensure yourself to always log out once you`re done browsing. Saving your password and let it on without log out from it will expose you more risk of being victim of data breaching or data loss. Even if you open internet in unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots in public places, your risk of being exposed with the hackers are getting bigger because Wi-Fi connection is usually unencrypted which mean that when you online with the connection, hackers on the same connection can sniff you, steal your login credentials and even damage your cloud storage.

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