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What Kind of Job in Social Media That Fit You

Now we all know that social media is popular and powerful where so many people can use it for so many functions, like expand network, know the daily information, sell things, or simply just for fun. Because we live in this digital era and social media is a part of our daily activity, what about looking for a job on social media world? What’s the best job you can do? Here we have some idea for you.


Social media admin

So many social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook need admin to promote, handle the accounts and engage close relation with its followers or customers. Usually, company will hire an admin to completely handle their accounts on Twitter and Facebook. If you love to tweet or you can make some words that can bring people to retweet or like it, this job will be a complete good choice for you. Social media admin is a fun job you can try.


Content writer

There are so many blogs or websites on internet and they always need creative writers to make good post or contents for their readers. If you love or able to write, your writing is interesting or great, you can try this wonderful job. Become a content writer is fun because you can write as free as you want with your own style, although you must still get in the rules from people who hire you. Become a content writer nowadays is a dream job for many young writers. Just sit in front of computer, write good stuff and get paid.


Web designer

People always need website designers to make a great website or make a plan about building or designing a perfect site. Not only you must have the ability in web design and IT, but also you must have taste or can arrange the design style wanted by the client.



Many celebrities and famous people known have been working as buzzer on Twitter and Facebook. The job description is to promote, handle, make the brand product become a top hit for followers and make a lot of people want the product. Usually people hire celebrity, musician, famous writers or famous bloggers to become a buzzer and promote their products.


Online Shopping Seller

Yes, you can be an online shopping seller! It’s better than you sell the products offline. On internet, you can sell as many products as you want without spending big budget. Not only that, you can also use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to promote your products and boost the sales. Lots of people have proved this job is a good practice to become a successful businessman. If you want to make money but in the same time you want to get a fun job on social media world, online shopping seller is a great choice you can try.

These jobs mostly required people who are updated with latest news, young age (although it is not important) and maybe attached to their smart phones. Like many other career in IT field, the income is quiet high. But if you are a newbie, it may not come easily or as high as you imagine. You need to prove it first how good you are on the business. Some must start from the bottom such as being an administrator before stepping up to managerial level. So, if you are a social media enthusiast and can not live without updating your Facebook or Twitter status every other minute, one of these jobs could be a perfect choice for your future. You can start with your own social media accounts or online shop and see how good you are in promoting something.

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