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SEO Tips and Tricks for 2014

SEO is an important point for gaining more popularity for the website. By use SEO Friendly URL or do more effective promotion, you will get the best result and benefit, and sure, the money. So that’s why we write these SEO tips and tricks for 2014 you can consider applying on your contents.

Keyword in First Paragraph

Use the keywords in first paragraph so search engines will know this is the content really explains about the title. It will bring so many unique visitors visit your website because of that.
Also don’t forget to use of headings tags. It will make search engine like Google find your website easier and display it to the right user.

Image Optimization
One image can explain everything better than long story content. And of course the image will make a story or a content look more interesting, especially if you have a website that need visual picture. So add an image and optimize image using proper alt tags. To bring more visitors and number of page views, you can consider using updated image in high definition resolution. Connect the image optimization with the story of your content too, so it will make visitors have interest to read it.

Social Media Promotio
Social media promotion is a must. When we talk about internet or online marketing, social media works perfectly to help gain the recognition as well as boost the sales. Maximize the social media promotion by share your links of story or content on popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Path or even Instagram. The more you share the links, the more popularity of website you will get.

Hire a great writer
You can hire experienced writer to write the content or story on your website. A great writer must know the whole rules about keywords, SEO strategy, and promote their contents. Consider to hire a great writer that completely has a skill for writing. And a writer you hire must know about the deadline-thingy and work seriously about the whole SEO online marketing business.

In 2014, YouTube still everyone`s favorite for watching their favorite videos. Million people access it every day. To maximize your website exposure to public, you can create video to explain your brand and products in more creative ways. Make a good video is getting easier now. You can even create great video by your smartphone. So, let`s make a good use of video to explain more about your product.

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