Wednesday , 20 September 2017
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3 Newest SEO Myths in 2014

Are you still looking for the best SEO practice to your site? Well, actually there is no certain SEO practice that will give best results out of all. Honestly, you can find your very own SEO strategy that works best for your website. You have to test the ideas constantly on your site to see the real outcome. If you ...
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HTML Code for Flash Banner

When you browse different websites on internet, you might find some websites have animated banner on their page. This animated banner is widely known as flash banner. It is a common phenomenon on the internet, now. Flash banners usually contain advertisement content, images, moving graphic or at least top featured news or product of the website. It usually short, wide ...
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How to Design Great Website with Basic HTML

Designing website is not a big deal. When you want to create a website, of course you want to make a website with cool design and style. If you’re not an expert for web coding and design but want to build a website by yourself, here are some steps to design website with basic HTML and CSS coding. It will ...
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The Best Sites to Learn Coding and Increase Your Programming Skill

When you want to be an expert programmer or website developer, the programming and coding skill must be an important ability for you. And so many best sites you can consider to be a place to learn coding and increase your knowledge about programming stuffs.  For beginners, these sites are the most wonderful ones as a lovely place before you ...
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How to Promote Your Brand with a Blog

We are social media generation, we must confess that. Now every time we promote something, our friends or followers will know and see our promotion. Although we’re not a very great businessman but actually social media is one of the luckiest thing we can have where we can make easy promotion strategic without spend any big budgets. Now, blog is ...
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7 Management Tools for Business

7 Management Tools for Business When you are running your own business, especially when you have a totally online business, it means that your partners, contractors or employees are located in different countries.  If you are in that kind of business, you need to have various apps and tools to help you communicate properly with your employees. Talking about tools ...
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