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How to Create a Successful Viral Marketing Campaign


viral marketingThrough the progress of social media, everything you posted on the internet can be shared and seen by people from different countries, different cultures across the world. Some create positive impacts; some can make your world turn upside down.

So how to earn positive impacts from viral marketing, instead of the negatives?

First, let see what Viral means. According to dictionary, viral means spreading quickly over a short of time, just like virus which was its originally used for. But now, the term ‘viral’ is used to describe content/image/video/etc on the internet that distribute rapidly, mostly through social media or sharing network sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.


Many companies have used this technique to promote their business. They basically compose a massage, usually using an image and 1-2 lines that pull at the heartstrings. Then place it on their social media accounts and …. voila, people around the world aware of the brand only in few hours. Red Bull has experienced the viral success from Felix Baumgartner’s outer space skydiving stunt.


The key to a successful viral ad knows what people like. All of viral marketing that has gain their success content one or more of these characters. They are humor, drama, for good cause, unique and perfect timing. Just check the Psy video Gangnam Style that went viral on Youtube and made him an instant world celebrity. The corny style of this guy has made a lot of people laugh. That’s why people would share the video link to their friends.


From those examples, we all can learn something how to make your brand promotion go viral. One last thing, don’t copy others. People are aware of copy cat and hate it!


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