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Modifying Categories for your Blogs Using CMS

Content management system (CMS) is very useful and flexible even for your personal blogging activities. You can select a CMS based on what language it is built in, what entry or what content you are going to display on it. Also, it can also depend on how advanced you need it to be or who is going to use the program. If you create a blog, usually you want to add more features and categories to make it more interesting and easier to be checked out. Moreover, for those who do not know anything about HTML or other things about computer, there is a guidance provided. Besides that, the step is simple, so that the newbie user can learn in a blink of eye. So, for a blogger, CMS is the best choice for them. Here, I will tell you about some steps to add more categories for your personal websites.


Use CMS for Creating Categories

First of all, log in to the dashboard of your personal blogs in CMS. After that, select Posts menu on the left part of your monitor, then click Categories. Third, enter the name which you should create for the new categories. In addition, there are some more options which you can also use for creating new categories. First, it is called Slug. Slug can be used for search engine optimized, so your personal blogs will automatically create it after we save the new category.

We also have Parent in content management system. It is useful for making Main Categories which later can be developed into other categories as the sub parts. Moreover, we have Description. Description can be used if we have set the default setting, because it will not be displayed on the website directly. So, it will only be shown on certain themes or templates of your personal blogs.

The last part is to click add new category, so your category can be created successfully. If it is failed, then try to check on your database. First, edit the define setting. In this part, type DB code, underscore, then type the name of your database. After that, repeat the previous step, but type the username of your database after underscore. The last step is to enter the password after typing DB, underscore, and password. That is how to do the modifying categories. If it still does not work, contact your customer service of your server.


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