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Advantages You Will Get from Using PHP Framework

You will appreciate how useful PHP framework when issues appear while developing a web application with complex business logic, database back-end and rich user interface. Features like page security, user accounts, database connectivity, group permissions, character encoding, form validation and so on are vital issues that need to be take into account.

Methods and classes are represented to improve productivity and beat troubleshoots during development. In a good framework, a security structure is built in to permit you to identify what kind of users or groups that able to access certain blocks or certain pages of content within those pages. Other important features are ability to show messages to the user if validation fails, and having a simple mode to confirm form input on both server side and client side.

Classes are the must-have parts of a good framework, classes serve as link to a database and signify records in arrays or objects for easy use in the scripts. Sometimes you will also have access to a code generator that parses your database schema and writes classes that are specifically mapped to tables in your database. Those classes can be quite useful, especially if you use foreign keys in your database to define relationships between the data objects. For example, if a customer table has column called order_id that is foreign keyed to the order table, a class generator can use that to write something like a method called get_orders() to retrieve orders made by that customer.

Availability of user interface components or widgets that help with paging and filtering, depict smart grids with sorting or create links and buttons with event handlers to call server methods with AJAX functionality. If you like to save lots of time by using UI components, unless you want to write loops and echoing table/tr/td or manually writing tags everywhere. Finally, a good framework never slows you down or makes things harder. If you spend more time configuring your framework or “fixing” it than you do solving the problem at hand, then you might be better served by looking to see what else is out there.

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