Five SEO tips for 2014

Google has made big changes to its search engines algorithm in 2013. This change also affects the search engine optimization (SEO) in 2014. Generally, Google makes about 500 adjustments for its algorithm every year. But 2013 changes were the greatest so far. Those changes were made to improve Google`s quality of search results. The effect of the changes to those who practice SEO has become more frustrating, confounding and game-changing.

Digital marketers said every time they recover from one update from Google, and then there will be another one. Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates from Google make the SEO practice become more fragile. But, for digital marketer or webmasters out there just don`t panic because experts have opinions that SEO still can work, just like the previous years. To help you out, here we have five tips from expert about how the Google changes make impact to the SEO practice in 2014 and how to adapt with new situation.

1.      SEO will always survive

SEO will always exist as a practice for digital market content. It is because SEO is like a set of methods and strategies to optimize our business. Instead of chase the algorithm, many webmasters or digital marketers put more attention to create content that ‘in line’ with market demand.
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Online Business: About Shipping Customers’ Orders

In online store business, since you can almost never meet up, of course you should send the products via delivery agents. Due to this, not only you, but your customers should also be careful and aware, so that the goods can be sent safely. Here are some things not to be missed.

Be Careful and Be Aware while Shipping

First of all, you and your customers should check the delivery costs. Explain to your customers, especially the newbie, that every shipping cost is different from one another. It depends on how many weights the products are and how far their locations are. If they are still not sure with your explanations, provide them the links of the delivery agent’s official website, so they can check by themselves.
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10 Useful Internet Tricks

In this fast-paced world, internet is the best weapon to let you updated with different information. Internet is like gold mine for everyone because we can find almost everything we need there. While surf the internet is one of fun things to do and almost everyone can do that, but have you ever wonder to know internet tricks so your work can be more time-saving, free from fraud and more private? Well, there are many internet tricks available across the web pages, but here we sum it up to 10 tricks that will be practical and useful for you.

1. If you want to surf in private mode to make sure there are no one record your web habits, you can press Ctrl + shift + N for Google Chrome and Ctrl + shift + p for Firefox. This act will send you into incognito mode where your tabs won`t stick on your browser`s history, cookie store or search history after you close all the incognito tabs.

2. If you accidentally close a tab while surf wit Google Chrome, don`t bother to open your history to get that tab back. Simply just press Ctrl+Shift+T and you will that tab right away.
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SEO Philosophies Part 2; The White Hat approach

Let`s continue our discussion about SEO philosophies. In previous article we wrote about one of the philosophies which the black hat approaches. Now, we have the white hat approach in hand. Please keep read on to find more!
White hat SEO approach is a safer, cleaner technique to take your website top the search engine results. While the black hat approach give the website only short-term popularity, but white hat approach will give your website more stable and long-term benefit. Unlike the black hat approach that has five methods to trick the search engine, we only have two methods from white hat technique. Be sure to read until last words to find out.

1. Keyword positioning
To improve your website position in search engine landing page, you need to know how the work. Almost all search engines categorize the websites and web pages based on keywords they have. Most search engines use programs called crawlers or spider to search the web and analyze it. They read web pages and index them to specific keywords. That`s why when user type “rainbow cake” at the search bar on the search engine, only websites or the pages related to rainbow cake will be shown in the landing page.
Because of the way search engines work, keyword positioning is important to make your web pages seen by the spiders. Here are some general tips about keyword positioning.
• Put the keyword in the title of your web page
• If your web page has several sections, header tags will be right thing to do. You can also place your keyword there
• Use important keywords throughout the page, but don`t overuse it as it will consider as keyword stuffing in black hat approach
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SEO Philosophies part 1; The Black Hat approach

If you own a website and wish it can rank well in search engines, well hold on. It has certain method called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to achieve that. Search Engine optimization (SEO) is a collection of techniques a webmaster can use to improve his or her website`s rank in search engine.

To have good rank in search engine is important for webmaster to gain more visitors and boost the popularity of the website itself. There are two common SEO philosophies today; black hat and white hat approach. We will talk about black hat approach first to see what kind of methods include in this approach and how it affects the website.

Black Hat SEO includes some techniques to trick the search engines so their website can be listed in the top of the search result. Here we listed five methods from black hat SEO technique.

1.      Keyword stuffing

It is the method where webmasters put repeated keywords at the bottom of the page where almost no visitors bother to see. In simple way we can say keyword stuffing as put the keyword twice in same page which can screw the search engine result by the overusing keywords. This act can make search engine put your website on the first search result which here we called landing page (LP).

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How to Gain Customer’s Trust

It is not easy to gain trust from customers, especially if your online store is still new. First, it is because there are lots of liars who only want money and disguise themselves as owner of trusted online shops. Second, since you cannot directly face the buyers, smart customers may think that only writing is easy. Even students in early grades of elementary school can simply write,”I am a reliable seller.” So, how should you make the customers believe in you? Here are the strategies.

Action First, Talk Later in Online Stores

First of all, you should not mind about having pretty much outcome. Make a giveaway event as a celebration that your online store has been launched. For example, there will be three winners who will get free interesting gifts, whereas three or more other winners will get some vouchers which they can enjoy if they buy from you next time.

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