Bad and Irritating Things for Your Website

Website and visitors is two things that will not be separated. With visitors, you will gain popularity for your website, and especially if you have e-commerce website, the visitors are target of your market. But, not all people know how to treat visitor nicely, even so many people create their websites with old and ordinary way, make bad and irritating things come when the visitors click their websites. It will make visitors say goodbye to your website as soon as they can click ‘close’ sign. So here are bad and irritating things you must keep away from your website.

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SEO Tips and Tricks for 2014

SEO is an important point for gaining more popularity for the website. By use SEO Friendly URL or do more effective promotion, you will get the best result and benefit, and sure, the money. So that’s why we write these SEO tips and tricks for 2014 you can consider applying on your contents.

Keyword in First Paragraph

Use the keywords in first paragraph so search engines will know this is the content really explains about the title. It will bring so many unique visitors visit your website because of that.
Also don’t forget to use of headings tags. It will make search engine like Google find your website easier and display it to the right user.
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Practical Tips to Secure Your Cloud Data; Part II

So you have read our first part of practical tips to secure your cloud data. Now, it is time to tell you the rest of them. Here we have another four practical tips to secure your data stored on online cloud service. Do remember that prevention is better than the cure, so let`s double secure your online data and let no one play with it.

1. Before upload the data, encrypt it!
If you choose the cloud storage service that is not offer you ability to encrypt your data manually, it means that you are the one who need to encrypt it. You can use third party tool to help you with the encryption. All you have to do is download a protection app for cloud because they will allow you to ask for password and generate secret key sequences to your data before you upload them on the cloud storage.

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Practical Tips to Secure Your Cloud Data; Part I

In today`s era, you don`t need to always depend on your PC or laptop to store your data and always bring them with you wherever you go. Time has changed and people now more likely to use data on cloud so you can access it everywhere as long as connected to internet connection. The popularity of cloud storage is increasing lately with the need of secure, accessible and quick data everywhere. That`s why cloud storage is hot now.

Let`s name a few! From Google Drive to Dropbox, people tend to use them to store data online and access it easily. People also can share the file and data with other people as long as they authorized to access it. But, the popularity of cloud storage also sparks security concerns. If you have data stored on cloud now, here are six practical tips to help you double secure your data. To make it easier for you, we divide them into two different articles. Enjoy!

1. Back up data locally
This is the golden rule when you talk about managing data; always to have backup of it. It is wise to also store the same data on your computer or external hard drive, so when your cloud data has been compromised or corrupted, you still have the data on your hand; untouched. You can also use cloud storage as your backup. You can sign up to many cloud storage services and make them as your backup.
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What Kind of Job in Social Media That Fit You

Now we all know that social media is popular and powerful where so many people can use it for so many functions, like expand network, know the daily information, sell things, or simply just for fun. Because we live in this digital era and social media is a part of our daily activity, what about looking for a job on social media world? What’s the best job you can do? Here we have some idea for you.


Social media admin

So many social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook need admin to promote, handle the accounts and engage close relation with its followers or customers. Usually, company will hire an admin to completely handle their accounts on Twitter and Facebook. If you love to tweet or you can make some words that can bring people to retweet or like it, this job will be a complete good choice for you. Social media admin is a fun job you can try.
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3 Signs Your PC Has Been Compromised

Have you ever felt that something wrong happen with your PC? As the owner, you probably can feel if your PC acts strangely. If you do feel so, it might the sign that your PC has been infected with virus or malware from the internet. Maybe we all are tired about our PC getting compromised, but who in this world never use PC to connect to internet which the ultimate source for viruses and malware.

Everyone is connected to internet now and the risk of getting infected is increasing. If you are still doubt whether your PC is infected or need maintenance due to age or other things, here he have 3 signs to make you believe that your PC has been compromised. If your PC has one of these signs, or even has them all, it really time for you to do something with your PC.
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