5 Dos and Don`ts When Building an Attractive Website

When you are building a website for your own business, there are dons and don`ts rules that you have to pay attention to. Create a beautiful and attractive website is important to get many visitors to have a look to your website, browse through your products and service and at the end boost the sale number. Website is perfect place to greet your customers, but when you stuffed your website with too many images or videos, the visitors will feel overwhelmed and leave your website immediately.

To avoid such things to happen, here we have five dos and don`ts to build a beautiful and attractive website.
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10 Pinterest Marketing Tips for Beginner

Pinterest is no longer underdog in social media market because this simple yet powerful social media is getting popular these days. Same like Instagram, the popularity of Pinterest is rising because people like visual more than just plain text when it comes to promote your product / services. By the way, if you still really new with this social network, Pinterest is social networking site that allows the users to create ‘pinboards’, place for online image collages with related fields and you can share it quickly with other interest users too.

In short word, Pinterest is like online portfolio of your business and things relate to that. In Pinterest, there is term of board which mean place to put same category pictures in one place. You can create many boards in your Pinterest account in case you have many products or services to sell. Then you can add pictures or videos to the board by pinning them.

Pinterest is another powerful social media for marketing and building your brand awareness because it is image based social media, which mean pictures speak more than text, so people just love it. So if you are new to Pinterest and want to use it for marketing your business, here we have 10 tips for beginners like you.
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4 Twitter Tools to manage your account

As social media, Twitter is one of popular social network out there. Many companies create their business account there to promote and engage with the customers. The existence of Twitter is essential to boost your product or services. Thus, you need to have good Twitter management so you won`t miss what`s trend in your industry, what`s customer looking for and soon.

So, let`s follow the Social media experts path to use Twitter tools to manage your account in better way. Here are they!


Tweetdeck is desktop twitter tool that will allow you to handle multiply accounts in same time. You also can add the columns with different accounts or trends relate to your industry. Tweetdeck allow you to always monitor the activities from the person that you follow and able to send longer message by using their Deck.ly service. This service creates shortened URL if your tweet beyond 140 characters. The interface is clean, simple and easy to customize. And you can get this tool free from Chrome store.
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Two Mistakes in Digital Marketing That Companies Are Not Aware Of

The increasing use of digital marketing in today`s business are avoidable. People like to spend hours browsing internet and use social media and this fact is just something company can`t deny. Despite almost all companies in the world turn their marketing from traditional to digital marketing, but many of them are still struggling and sometimes fall into some mistakes that they are not aware of its presence. Many of them think that their digital marketing strategies are good enough to boost sales and build positive brand awareness.

In this article we are going to talk about two aspects of digital marketing; social media and online advertising. These two aspects of digital marketing are important factor to a success digital campaign. But many companies still making mistakes which lead to consumer confusion and in the end this effort turn useless because of misunderstanding. Here we two mistakes from social media and online advertising that companies make, but they don`t aware of it.
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5 Simple HTML Practices for Beginner

So you are a beginner to website development and don`t know what to do to customize your own blog? Well, actually you just need some basic knowledge about HTML coding when you wish to change small part of the blog or just add a little touch on it. Here we have five simple HTML code to help you out.


1. Always Close Your Tags

In past years, HTML code somehow has things like this:

1 <li>Main text here.

2 <li>Supporting text here.

3 <li>Anything you want to write goes here.
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4 HTML and CSS Tips for WordPress Beginner

Many people use WordPress to either build their free blog or professional websites. They usually use the free theme or other professional-looking theme. But because not all of us are familiar with coding or CSS, they tend to leave the design of their blog just like its original theme, without don`t know how to customize it.

Actually there are some HTML and CSS tips that beginners can use to improve the design of their WordPress blog or website. These tips are easy to do and give impact to your WordPress blog.

1. Replace blog title with a logo

WordPress theme usually include blog title link at the header by default. You can change it with logo as you want. Here`s how:

  • Upload your logo first, somewhere. Then get the URL address of it
  • Go to WordPress template editor and find header.php. you might see code  like this:

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