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Are You Ready with Windows Server 2019?

The users of Windows Server throughout the world are anticipating the release date of Windows Server 2019. Rumor has it that the operation system will be available in the second half of 2018. The upcoming Windows Server is known as the new generation of Windows Server 2016, which becomes the strong foundation. If you can recall, 2016 is considered the fastest version of Windows Server. Due to this reason, users want to figure out what kind of improvement will be brought by Server 2019.

New Improvement of Windows Server 2019

The developers spend a lot of time to cope with the future challenge. They try to be consistent in providing high quality operation system for server, proven by 4 themes they always hold on including Hybrid, Application Platform, Security, and then Hyper-converged infrastructure. The improvements are also focused on those 4 themes. Check out the changes of Windows Server 2019 below:

  1. Hybrid cloud

Moving data to the cloud is a journey and it sometimes takes the data into risk. Today, servers typically extend active directory, synchronize file server, then backup in the cloud. Windows Server 2019 introduces Project Honolulu that offers flexible and lightweight browser-based platform as a scenario of management solution. The goal is to make it easier and simpler to connect Windows Server deployments to Azure services. With the new version of Windows Server 2019, Azure services will be easily integrated.

  1. Security

Security is on the top of priority, considering cyber-security incidents are growing in numbers. According to a study conducted by Microsoft, attackers only need 24 to 48 hours to penetrate environment after its first infection. It can stay penetrating the environment up to 99 days without being noticed. That is why security becomes one of top concerns of Microsoft to improve the new version of Windows Server. The latest operating system is embedded Windows Defender ATP which offers preventive protection. It can also detects attacks to the operating system.

  1. Application platform

To improve the experience of developer also becomes a relentless focus of Microsoft. To realize the commitment, Microsoft decides to improve Windows Server container. The container was actually introduced in Windows Server 2016. No less than 10 million of container images are downloaded from Docker Hub. It makes the team learned one thing, that smaller container image is able to significantly improve developer’s experience. In the upcoming Windows Server 2019, the team tries to reduce Server Core container image to one third of its size. It is effective to reduce the download time by 72 percent.

  1. Hyper-converged infrastructure

As one among the latest trends in the same industry, HCI also becomes an improvement brought by Windows Server 2019. Microsoft promises to provide robust yet affordable HCI with validated design. The latest Windows Server is built by adding performance, scale, and reliability.

After all, Windows Server 2019 is made to inherit the outstanding performance of Windows Server 2016. Building with few changes and improvement, it is expected to satisfy the developers with a new operation system experience. Are you ready to welcome Windows Server 2019?

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