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What is SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)?

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) has been talked a lot in the community. This tool for Microsoft Dynamics GP is not as complex as people might imagine. Instead, it is particularly easy to comprehend its capability. Report can be made from Dynamic GP by using SSRS to access the web browser securely.  It will then generate a web browser layout to easily display the report. By this reporting method, you will be able to export the data and convert it into Microsoft Office data form.

Basic of SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

SSRS must to be separately installed to generate the report. You also have to configure the reporting services website along with the additional tools. In this case you will do some work to arrange the entire required configuration.

  1. SSRS Reports Preparation

There is a set of SSRS defaults in Dynamics GP that standardizes the generated reports. However, the configuration is quite straightforward and you can generate your own as well. Different tools to deploy SSRS reports are also accessible if you’re not really experienced in generating a professional one.

  1. What is SSRS Used for?

Although you have generated a report, it will only be accessible for those who have login access in Dynamics GP if you do not use SSRS. You are surely able to export them as PDF, Excel, or Word and then share. But the data would be out of date as far as it’s being printed. Use SSRS to report the most recent data automatically. The reports are constantly updated and can be distributed to wider range of authorized audiences.

  1. SSRS Reports Audience

Dynamics GP doesn’t have to be launched whenever you operate the SSRS reports that are set up to the safe web browser. You are also allowed to distribute them outside of your association by setting up the network and firewall properly. Configure your framework of network to let external party to access by giving password of an account so that they can view your published data.

  1. SSRS Reports Safety

You have the utmost power to control the access of the SSRS reports by configuring the setup. Set the data reports to be able for viewing and not for editing. This way is to avoid external party to be capable of editing your Dynamics GP information. You can set the authority so that they are unable to view data further than what is generated within the SSRS report.

  1. SSRS Reports Appearance

Be creative in creating SSRS reports is always allowed. It lets you arrange segments in order to represent or hide the detail from view.  Links can be added into some fields in the document to illustrate subordinate reports.  Take advantage of diverse document layout to make it as professional as it can be. Reports can be applied by far in presentations or exposed to other department in the company or clients assertively.

Put your reports in order of each company allows them to have their own tabs, in case of operating several companies within Dynamics GP. While operating the reports, you will also be able to generate collective cross-company report.

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