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SSMS 17.8 is Now Available

SSMS is an abbreviation for SQL Server Management Studio. This service provides tools for controlling SQL infrastructure. It includes managing SQL Server to Azure SQL Database. It supports the other tools for connect, supervise, and keep the track of anything related to SQL. SSMS can be used to improve, control, and distribute the data-related elements of your applications. Another additional feature of this service is functioned to arrange scripts and queries. You can manage your data warehouses and databases, either on the cloud or on your computer. What’s interesting is you can get this service easily from the internet for free. Now, we will discuss about the SSMS 17.8 version.

What’s New in SSMS 17.8?

SSMS 17.8 supports you with all featured elements from SQL Server 2008 until the recent server in 2017. There are some new features of this version. First, the SQL Editor comes with better user experience with SQL Azure DB’s Intellisense, especially in a case when there is issue the users run across, such as lacking of master access.

Second, there are some bugs fixed, like in the field of SMO, encryption process, maintenance plans, and scripting process. In terms of SMO, there was an issue regarding the failure of TableAlter to add a column in a case when the table already filled with data. This issue is now fixed.

The issue about encryption process was found in DacFx. There was a lock timeout error when Always Encrypted function is activated on an insulated table. Now, this issue has also been corrected. The issue that has been fixed in terms of maintenance plans is regarding to the SQL Authentication’s editing maintenance plans. There is a function named “Notify Operator Task” and it has failed when the SQL authentication is used.

The last bug to be fixed is related to the scripting process. In the scripting process, we know an action called PostProcess. The issue mentioned above refers to the PostProcess malfunction that affects to the failure of SQL login process and the resource weariness. There is an improvement pertaining to overall performance. There was a criticism about the connection that has a high latent tendency. Well, this version has repaired the problem.

Another important refinement is related to the Database Properties | FileGroups. A data file and a log file are two basics operating system in the SQL Server database. Data files are consisted of objects and data, such as views, tables, stored procedures, and indexes. On the other hand, the information to recover all deals in the database is stored in the log files.

There are three types of files in the SQL Server database, ranging from primary, secondary, and the transaction log. Primary data has the startup information, while secondary files contain the data from user. Moreover, the log information is functioned to restore the database. The refinement regarding this feature is the support for AUTOGROW_ALL_FILES in database filegroup property. You can try this new facility by ticking the checkbox in Database Properties, precisely at Filegroups page.

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