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Sitefinity CMS – A Great Tool For Marketing

  Marketing is the key element of high sales and high profit. You have to have good marketing techniques to gain customers interest to eventually purchase your products. An efficacious marketing technique need to be supported with a good data management. You don’t want to lose your customers data, do you? Within the business website you run, customers data and ...
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Is Your Domain Name Search Engine-Friendly?

A catchy domain name is needed to get users attention and get higher probability to be re-visited since your domain name is easy to remember. Not just catchy, your domain name should be search engine-friendly to achieve high traffic and page ranking. There are some points you should consider to have a search engine-friendly domain name.
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How to Increase Traffics Without Using Social Media

Nowadays almost all the people I know are using social media. Is it Facebook or twitter, you can see everywhere people have their head down on their smart phones. Social media sites are proven excellent for getting traffics and links to our website. But if you are the type of person who just can’t stand the social media sites, you ...
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6 Ways to Create Link Building

  If your site appears in other websites, your site will have better ranking on the search engine. This SEO fact you must have heard before. Creating backlinks is necessary for any website owners. Backlinks will be crawled by search engines, the more they crawled your site, the higher possibility your site be on top of search engine list. I’ll ...
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How to Create Your Best Keywords (3)

Troubleshooting Keyword Woes Finding the right keywords for your pages proves to be much more of an art than an exact science, requiring patience and trial and error. At most, you just increase the chance to rank your page in search engine listings. There could be other problems with your market or page holding you back as well. Problem 1 ...
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How to Create Your Best Keywords (2)

In post (1) I have written some steps should be taken before creating good keywords. In this post I will write more about how to implement the elements based on post (1) that you have created and done. 10 Steps of Keyword Guide 1. Make a small list of keyword phrases that relate directly to your page’s content. Example: how ...
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