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What are SEO and SEM?

The term of SEO or search engine optimization has won its time on the spotlight. SEO is the most important thing a webmaster must consider if wanted to have a high page rank. Next to SEO, there is SEM (Search Engine Marketing) which becoming popular each day. But until now, many people still fail to differentiate between SEO and SEM. ...
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Dofollow VS Nofollow Links: What, Why, Where and How

If you have a website and try to apply search engine optimization techniques, you probably have practiced backlinking on your site. Now, what else you can do to promote your website? If you are an internet newbie you probably needs more works on Dofollow and Nofollow links. What are the differences between the two of them and compare to backlinks? ...
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The Top 5 Places Keywords Should Appear in Articles & Posts

Search engine optimization (SEO) is more than writing content using selected keywords. Moreover, keywords should appear in specific places in blog posts or articles that will boost more traffic. Following are 5 key places to put keywords and phrases in a copy: 1. Put Keywords in the Headline While this may seem clear, many SEO copywriters miss doing this in ...
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WordPress Blog – It’s About Human Optimization Too

Probably the most important decision you have to do when working with your WordPress blog is the appearance.  Remember the WP theme you choose will be the first impression you make on your visitors, so you want to make a good and lasting impression.  A gripping theme of WP get visitors to stay, read its contents and buy their products. ...
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Is Joomla SEO Friendly?

Joomla has been very popular as an easy to use content management system (CMS) but some argued that this CMS is not a best bet in terms of search engine friendliness. Surely, that kind of view must come from people who don’t know how to optimize the power of this cms.
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Is Buying High PR Domains Wise?

As many people have discovered, you can buy domains with high page rank (PR) as PR4 or more auctions like eBay. Why would anyone pay a significant amount of money for just a domain that does not even come to a company website or hosting? Well, the main reason is that people can take this great domain of public relations ...
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