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Sitefinity CMS – A Great Tool For Marketing

Sitefinity - A Great Tool For Marketers


Marketing is the key element of high sales and high profit. You have to have good marketing techniques to gain customers interest to eventually purchase your products. An efficacious marketing technique need to be supported with a good data management. You don’t want to lose your customers data, do you?

Within the business website you run, customers data and other marketing requirement can be integrated. You don’t need to be an IT geek to apply this technique, all you need to do is hosted your website with Sitefinity cms. This content management system connects marketing and technology, therefore make marketing online more simple and more efficient.

These are four modes how you can exploit Sitefinity for marketing:

1. Promote, publish and manage events

Sitefinity allows you to manage events based on keywords term or categories, display events in a calendar view or list form, add events, integrate with geo mapping settings, also give you and attendee have two-way conversations.

Your technology team can take it one step further by adding some simple customizations. For example, you can integrate with nearly any CRM (like SugarCRM, and others) for customer data tracking, develop a control to manage URLs, blacklist email URLs that originate from your competition, or insert an Add to Calendar icon by downloading a free custom user control from the Sitefinity Marketplace.

2. Resource management

Another advantage you can get from Sitefinity is you can upload customer testimonials, product sheets, case studies, whitepapers and other important resources. By using the built-in images and documents library to do all of that. There are lots of flexibility you will get to display within your website list form by type, category and keywords.

For increased usability, your technology team can customize the CMS to extend the list functionality, or build something like a customer quotes modules to randomly display client testimonials on any given page.

3. Search engine optimization

Sitefinity can be a great tool for search engine optimization, for example you can edit menu labels, page names, titles, descriptions and keywords. You can also edit alternative tags for images within the image library in one full sweep using a batch edit feature. At the page level, an easy WSYWIG editor allows marketing professionals to add title tags, bold keywords and add internal and external links.

With some customization from a Telerik Service Partner or by downloading custom controls from the Sitefinity Marketplace, the SEO capabilities are endless. Some examples include a control to automatically generate an XML Sitemap for search engine submission and a control to automatically.

4. Social Media

Nowadays, social media becomes a great resource for marketing anything. Social media allows you to interact with customers, connect with new prospects, building links and other seo techniques to increase website traffic.

The Sitefinity Marketplace also has several custom controls to enhance your social media and web 2.0 marketing strategies. For example, you can feed twitter updates into you website with Twitter Status Timelines, or drag-n-drop simple user controls to display most recent RSS Feeds, Forum Posts and Blog Entries on any given page on your website.

Sitefinity provides several built-in Web 2.0 modules that marketers can use to interact with your customers through blogs, forums and polls.

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