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6 Ways to Create Link Building

6 Methodes of Link Building


If your site appears in other websites, your site will have better ranking on the search engine. This SEO fact you must have heard before. Creating backlinks is necessary for any website owners. Backlinks will be crawled by search engines, the more they crawled your site, the higher possibility your site be on top of search engine list. I’ll share with you several excellent methods to create backlinks.

Google webmaster tools

When your website in ready and has been up on the net, you should report it to google immediately. With google webmaster tools you can ensure the reporting process is completed. Submit your website url to webmaster tools and confirm it through any of the ways you would be provided. Completion of verification means google will start crawling your site which would help your site to appear on the search engine list.


There are a lot of website directories that offer free submission. Submit you site url on web directories by following the instruction provided. Directory helps your site to be crawled by posting your site, pages or blog contents. Another good approach is the social bookmarking sites which give free bookmarking of your site and helps to turn your site to google search engine. But remember that you might be get link back from those sites into your pages. If you make sure that those sites are linked with your site they will give all benefits of posting.


Thousands of popular forum around the world run in internet for general discussions. In this forum you will get a commenting advantage. To make back link forum commenting is a popular way. Here you must follow the rules that your comment should relevant to your site and avoid to provide direct link to discussion box. You must have a signature box where you can easily give your site url.

Blog Commenting

Thousands of blogger all over the world work daily on making and publishing blogs. In almost blogs you will get a comment forum where you can give your opinion and provide link. Comment to blogs and share your link with relevant content. But you must remember you should not do spam or violate by avoiding rules of blog commenting. If your comment irrelevant it would not much effective, so you should also remember it.


To get your site on top of search engines, you should create backlinks with high pr sites or reputed sites. Eventually to get link back from high pr sites you may requests them through email. If you requests for link exchange with any site they may accept your request. But you should realize that your site must be relevant with those sites you requested.


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