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Is Your Domain Name Search Engine-Friendly?

is your domain name search engine-friendly

A catchy domain name is needed to get users attention and get higher probability to be re-visited since your domain name is easy to remember. Not just catchy, your domain name should be search engine-friendly to achieve high traffic and page ranking.

There are some points you should consider to have a search engine-friendly domain name.

1.    Short and easy to remember

To have a search engine-friendly domain name, it must be preferably short & simple to keep in mind. This way, users can recall it much faster & the probability of generating quality traffic becomes much greater. In most cases, a long, complicated name will only work against you & delay your success.

2.    Focus on keywords

Keywords help the success of a domain name because they play such a significant part in the SEO process. When applying keywords in to your URL, search engines like Google will index it faster, thus increasing the probability of higher click-through rates & most importantly, more exposure.

3. Avoid  hyphens

Many SEO specialists speak strongly against inserting hyphens in a domain name. This is because they can lead to complications such as users forgetting where the hyphen is to be positioned within the domain. Because there could be lots of similar sites that contain domains without hyphens, you need to be very cautious that you do not direct visitors to your competition.

4.    Optimize for Type-in Traffic

Some internet users have a habit of typing keywords directly into their browser bar instead of a search box.  To influence this type of traffic, you may want to register a domain that have your targeted domain in its total to increase your traffic through this rampant market.

5.    Choose a .com

There are many top level domain to choose from, but you will likely have more success from SEO standpoint by choosing a .com.

6.    Create inbound links

Inbound links are another part of the SEO technique. You definitely require to establish quality links that include your domain. If your site is devoid of such links, the search engines will conclude that it lacks relative content. Keep in mind that poor links will negatively effective your optimization efforts. For this reason, you require to keep away from link farms & open to doubt practices employed by open to doubt SEO firms.

7. Choose a Good Domain Name Registrar

The key to find a search engine-friendly domain name is to register the name with a reputable registrar. There are lots of registrars on the market but not all can be relied on.

Registering a search engine-friendly domain won’t guarantee you increased traffic or visibility. Even SEO itself calls for you to promote your site in traditional ways & most importantly, make positive it contains quality content web surfers will have an interest in.  One time you come to recognize this, they are confident that these tips will go a long way in helping you accomplish the visibility & success you desire online.

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