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How to Migrate WordPress to Joomla

  Many bloggers prefer using WordPress as their platform, since it’s easy to use and have lots of features. From a simple bit of code, WordPress has grown into a full content management system (CMS). As a CMS, it is similar to Joomla in many ways. Integrating WordPress into your Joomla website increases the number of options you have for …

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The Pros and Cons of CMS

There are always pros and cons of each and every CMS. Each CMS is different so the pros and cons are different for each and every one of them. One thing may work in one cms but won’t work in another. Php Fusion Php Fusion is a great starter cms.  If you are just starting with a cms, this may …

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Different Methods to Convert PSD to WordPress

In present scenario of the web world, CMS platform is considered as one of the best time saving tools for managing the website content. WordPress is one such incredible CMS which is a widely used web solution. When we talk about the WordPress based website, PSD to WordPress conversion is the foremost activity that has to be done with extra …

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Umbraco VS DotNetNuke

So if you are going for an open source Content Management System (CMS), that should you select is DotNetNuke (DNN) or Umbraco. Both have the advantage of being open source programs, which means they are constantly updated and improved. There are several plugins and applications created by a core of invested users, increasing functionality and removing bugs with regularity. Still, …

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The Basic of DotNetNuke CMS

DotNetNuke has become one among the foremost widespread ASP.NET content management systems accessible. It’s terribly versatile and customizable by utilizing a range of skins, modules, templates, and information providers. Whereas Microsoft .NET technology has not dominated the CMS platform taking part in field, DotNetNuke has been ready to stand out from the crowd and lock in additional than one million …

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Free Nucleus Skins, Themes & Templates

What is Nucleus? Nucleus CMS is one of the many open-source blog management software package written in PHP, with a MySQL database backend, primarily written and maintained by Wouter Demuynck. Nucleus is lightweight, flexible, and secure. Nucleus is a real multi-blogging, multi language platform. It can maintain multiple blogs – in one admin, each blog has different templates, users, languages, …

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