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The Pros and Cons of CMS

the pros and cons of cms

There are always pros and cons of each and every CMS. Each CMS is different so the pros and cons are different for each and every one of them. One thing may work in one cms but won’t work in another.

Php Fusion

Php Fusion is a great starter cms.  If you are just starting with a cms, this may be the one right for you.  It is easy to put menus in, but if you want extra menus it involves know how to put php codes in.  This would be the same feature you would have to use if you were to put in adsense codes in if you chose to add adsense in. CSS Coding does not work and there is also a limit of how much you can put in, in the pages you make.  I did it and it cut off my articles.


WordPress is known as a blogging software, but it also doubles up as a cms. One advantage I have seen is that there is a multiuser version of it, so if you need multiple cms you can have multiple cms and it works off one core of files. Some of the css codes work, but some don’t. Also there are plenty of plugins so you are bound to find something you need.  There is one plugin that is for adsense but can be used for anything so it is easy to put side widget easily in.


One of the biggest problems of Joomla is that if you want to put adsense or affiliates, you need to actually put in the codes in the template itself. Java scripts are not allowed.


Making pages is rather easy. If you want to make menu items its rather easy.  There is not a whole lot of plugins available.

Media Wiki

This has the biggest learning curve. You have to edit the skin in order to get the look you really want and you will need to learn how to use the wiki codes and it is usually available where you originally got your download from which should be media wiki’s website. You have to edit some files to keep it secure.


No matter which way you go, there will always be the pros and cons of anything you use. CMS’s are no different than anything else. Yes they all have the basic idea but they all are different in their own way. CMS with sql database is better, so if you accidently delete the files on your web server, just your files were deleted but your database should be intact.


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