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Umbraco VS DotNetNuke

umbraco vs dotnet

So if you are going for an open source Content Management System (CMS), that should you select is DotNetNuke (DNN) or Umbraco. Both have the advantage of being open source programs, which means they are constantly updated and improved. There are several plugins and applications created by a core of invested users, increasing functionality and removing bugs with regularity. Still, there are lots of variations, as anyone who has used each system can note.

Here are some things regarding about Umbraco:

  • It is edited in Microsoft Word, creating for simple editing for many users.
  • There are OSS or commercial install options
  • A high-quality, highly practical CMS
  • Install offers you a blank page – no template, not much of anything else – it means lots of freedom and suppleness – freedom to succeed or freedom to fail. Success of a website is entirely up to a developer, which means you need to have a highly qualified and inventive developer who also knows legal compliance and standards compliance.
  • Umbraco has high requirements for hosting, thus it is troublesome to search out a “shared” hosting environment that may support it
  • Still working on e-commerce solutions
  • Version four has better support for Safari and Firefox
  • There are good plugins out there and a management system built into Umbraco.

By distinction, here are some things to think about DotNetNuke:

Has a proprietary feel, despite being open source

  • DotNet  developers find it irresistible, people who don’t seem to be DotNet developers have  hassle with it
  • Based  on Microsoft’s ASP.NET that is the most well-liked internet technology nowadays
  • Low cost to use and reduces total development prices – no ongoing licensing fee
  • Full access to source code therefore it may be altered to suit individual organizations
  • Will manage text, image, documents, links, events, news, banner ads and threaded data
  • Supports multiple websites
  • Installs is easy
  • Will manage website hosting, content, security, web design  and membership in one program
  • Multi-language feature
  • Totally extensible and scalable
  • User friendly interface and intuitive website wizards, facilitate icons and interface for those acquainted with DotNet
  • DNN contains a massive user base (125,000 registered users) and a core programming team dedicated to the system, therefore it is a large community. There also are an increasing number of third party developers of plug-ins, etc.

Which open-source hosting program is right for you? It depends on your skills, needs and business model. Either method you go, using an open source CMS may well be the means for you to save lots of cash and still have a powerful, engaging website.

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