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The Basic of DotNetNuke CMS

DotNetNuke has become one among the foremost widespread ASP.NET content management systems accessible. It’s terribly versatile and customizable by utilizing a range of skins, modules, templates, and information providers. Whereas Microsoft .NET technology has not dominated the CMS platform taking part in field, DotNetNuke has been ready to stand out from the crowd and lock in additional than one million users. However, many folks still don’t perceive what DotNetNuke extremely must provide.


DotNetNuke has many totally different licensing choices obtainable. For the overall public, the community license is totally free and you’ll be able to simply upgrade to a different license if you decide on to once using the free version to induce a feel for it. The opposite three editions have all of the features offered with the community version, but have added specific business-critical applications. They embody the skilled Edition, Elite Edition, and Elite Premier Edition.

The largest jump is from the free community license to the paid skilled Edition. If you upgrade from the professional Edition to either the Elite or Elite Premier edition, the variations lie within the quantity of support available and not within the actual functions that are accessible, source code access, and contract terms.

1. Installation

Installation of DotNetNuke is very simple. Once you download the software, installation can take solely one or two of minutes. There are many hosting corporations that that supply DotNetNuke specific packages that provide extra tools and support to form setup and support easy.

2. Flexibility

The core of DotNetNuke was created with a series of open API’s that permit you to integrate it with existing applications. It additionally encompasses a massive style of extra modules which will be added and changed to form the precise web site that you simply need. There’s additionally an excellent choice of skins which will build your web site look and feel sort of a skilled web site. There are an oversized range of options that you simply will make a choice from.

3. Normal Modules

DotNetNuke comes with twenty five free modules. Each module could be a complete stand-alone piece of coding that has a selected and distinctive feature for your web site. A number of the quality modules which will extremely build your web site a lot of manageable include: banners, discussion, FAQ, blogs, XML/XSL, and searchers. Each module will be individually changed so they’ll do precisely what you would like, as well as each the planning and feel of them.

4. Administration

DotNetNuke was designed to be easy to use. As an administrator, you’ll be able to simply compose and distribute bulk HTML emails/newsletters to your user groups. The foremost necessary administrative feature that helps DotNetNuke stand out from different CMS choices is that an administrator can really support multiple websites from one account once it’s been put in on a web-server This makes managing multiple websites a lot of easier since you’ll be able to manage all of them simultaneously.

5. Security

There are many important security features that produce DotNetNuke an excellent selection. Similar to several other CMS platforms, you’ll be able to assign certain editing rights and access to your website to completely different user types. What makes this feature nice is that you just can limit these rights to one page, the complete site, or maybe one module among one page. You can also create separate password protected areas throughout the site. There are variety of extra security modules which will be added to make additional flexibility moreover.

6. Support

If you’re using the free community edition, then there is no “official” support, but there’s an outsized DotNetNuke community that may give support via forums. However, as you upgrade your editions, a lot of support is created offered together with phone support, online support, live support, and even group coaching sessions.

DotNetNuke has continued to become more and more popular among the ASP.NET community and has stood out as an excellent CMS platform. With over one million users, there’s a robust supportive community that helps creating DotNetNuke a consistently reliable possibility. As a result of it absolutely was designed with each security and flexibility in mind, DotNetNuke can  create any website you wish with a range of distinctive functions which will create administration an easy task.

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