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The Best Sites to Learn Coding and Increase Your Programming Skill

When you want to be an expert programmer or website developer, the programming and coding skill must be an important ability for you. And so many best sites you can consider to be a place to learn coding and increase your knowledge about programming stuffs.  For beginners, these sites are the most wonderful ones as a lovely place before you …

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7 Management Tools for Business

7 Management Tools for Business When you are running your own business, especially when you have a totally online business, it means that your partners, contractors or employees are located in different countries.  If you are in that kind of business, you need to have various apps and tools to help you communicate properly with your employees. Talking about tools …

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Types of Computers; from the first computer to the latest

We use computer almost in every day of our life. We usually attach to it for hours, yet we still don`t know how  many types of computer that ever exist in this world since the very beginning of its invention till now where our live seem attached even more closer to the technology. People think that computer is like desktop …

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Worst Computer Viruses Part II

In previous article we have talked about worst computer viruses; Melissa, ILOVEYOU, The Klez Virus and Code Red and Code Red II. Now we will continue our discussion about the worst computer viruses ever attacked the world. Nimda Nimda spread rapidly through internet in 2011. It was the fastest propagating virus at that moment. This virus targeted the internet servers. …

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3 Worst Computer Viruses Part I

Computer viruses are always nightmare for us. Some of them can wipe out all data stored in hard drive, slower our computer and even steal our important data. These viruses usually use internet to spread into its victims. Even though computer viruses have been around for many years, but until now there is no exact way to protect our device …

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5 SMO Tips for Today’s Business

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is popular word in marketing digital content. With the right SEO implement, your website can be easily listed in search engine`s result page (SERP) whenever users search for words or phrases that relate to contents in your website. Social Media Optimization (SMO) as part of SEO is about how social media links and interaction affect to …

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