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Worst Computer Viruses Part II

In previous article we have talked about worst computer viruses; Melissa, ILOVEYOU, The Klez Virus and Code Red and Code Red II. Now we will continue our discussion about the worst computer viruses ever attacked the world.


Nimda spread rapidly through internet in 2011. It was the fastest propagating virus at that moment. This virus targeted the internet servers. It main intended was to slow the internet traffic, but it also affect many computers in the world. Nimda spread through internet by several methods; one of them was by e-mail.

This virus created a security hole for victim`s operating system. It allowed the hacker to access the computer or server in same level as whoever logged in the infected machine/computer. This means, if the user is just a guest in a computer, then the hacker also can only access the computer in guest mode. But if the user is administrator, then the hacker can access all the data in the machine/computer. This virus attack has caused some network system crash and full of worm.

SQL Slammer/Sapphire

This virus attacked in January 2003. It caused Bank of America`s ATM service crashed, 911 service went down and some airline had to cancel the flight due to check-in errors. This SQL Slammer or Sapphire has caused more than $1 billion in damages. This virus infected internet servers. Once the first server infected, the next server victim will get double slammer virus and it almost took all server that important to internet browse in just 15 minutes after it released to internet.


MyDoom is another virus that create black hole in its victim`s operating system. It attacked the internet on 2004. This virus also use email as the media to spread itself. But this virus also will send request to a search engine and use the e-mail addressed found in the search result. This attack slowed down the search engine services and even caused crash.

Sasser and Netsky

A 17-year old Sven Jaschan from German created Sasser and Netsky viruses. These two different worms behaved differently, but the similarities in the code led the security experts that they both were from same hacker. The Sasser virus attacked computers through Microsoft Windows vulnerability. It didn`t spread from e-mal like the other viruses, but once it infected the computer, the virus will send signal to other vulnerable system in computer to download the virus and destruct themselves.

The Netsky virus spread from e-mail and Windows Network. This virus has caused system collapse and crash to handle the internet traffic.  The hacker, Sven Jaschan received one year and nine months of probation. He didn`t go to court because he was under 18 years old and it`s prohibited to take him to court.

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