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Types of Computers; from the first computer to the latest

We use computer almost in every day of our life. We usually attach to it for hours, yet we still don`t know how  many types of computer that ever exist in this world since the very beginning of its invention till now where our live seem attached even more closer to the technology.

People think that computer is like desktop computer found in your house, but the types of computer is wider than that. People also use a lot of terms to describe computer, like any device with microprocessor inside or only device with mouse and keyboard. Well, here are the types of computer since the very first to the latest.


In the early days, mainframes were huge computers that could fill an entire room or even a whole floor. But the use of mainframe is slightly turn into servers where people can save and process more data in more efficient way. Mainframe is still in the business, especially for large companies with million transactions every day.


This type of computer is usually very expensive. It might costs about hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. Supercomputer is mostly composed of multiple high performance computers work in parallel as a system. But today`s supercomputer is usually a single computer system only.


Server is a computer that has been optimized to provide service to other computer through the network. It usually has powerful processors, large hard drives and lots of memory. The use of server is very popular now.

Personal Computer

PC defines as computer designed for general use by a single person. Most people relate PC as computer that runs Windows operating system, even though Mac is PC too.


Desktop is modern PC that is not designed for portability usage. Desktop computers are set up in permanent place and it offers more power, versatility and storage than the portable version which very popular now.


Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) are integrated computer that use flash memory for storage. This computer don`t have keyboard for input system, but it`s already use touch screen technology for the input. PDAs are usually small, in tablet size, very lightweight and durable battery life.


Laptop is portable computer that integrated all components like display, keyboard, mouse, processor, memory, hard drive and battery in one full-packed device. It also called notebook.



Netbook is smaller version of laptop. It is also cheaper than ordinary laptop. Due to this reason netbook internal components are less powerful than in laptops.


Workstation is a desktop computer that has better processor, bigger memory and enhanced capabilities for performing special task, like game development.

Wearable computer

The latest computer we have now is none other than wearable computer. Top technology companies such as Google and Samsung already sold their wearable devices which integrated with watch and phone. It can make a call, answer the call, send message, taking picture, play MP3 songs and many more. Google Glass is what in market now with smart watch behind it.

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