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Windows Server Software-Defined Datacenter

Virtual server and storage are not new technology, even cloud computing starts to gain more popularity. Server tends to have hardware, while administrator manages to allocate storage and data usage. New technology emerges to create advanced virtual server. It is called Software-Defined Datacenter. Microsoft launched Windows Server to support this tech. In general, you can create server without worrying about …

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How to Avoid your Mail Server from Blacklist

Avoid Mail Server from Blacklist In the previous article we already explained about the reason why mail server keeps being marked as spam. Actually, there are some tips that we can do to avoid the mail server from blacklist. Below are some of those tips: First of all, make sure that your email is included to the inbox folder and …

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SeekDotNet Launch Cloud Hosting and SSD Cloud Server with latest Plesk 12 control panel

May 21, 2015 – SeekDotNet a leader in Web hosting services for individuals and small businesses, is launching shared cloud hosting and SSD cloud server to provide more high quality and affordable hosting products and services to allow personal and organization build their impressive website to be on the top of the competition. There are two main offering for our …

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Bad and Irritating Things for Your Website

Website and visitors is two things that will not be separated. With visitors, you will gain popularity for your website, and especially if you have e-commerce website, the visitors are target of your market. But, not all people know how to treat visitor nicely, even so many people create their websites with old and ordinary way, make bad and irritating …

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3 Signs Your PC Has Been Compromised

Have you ever felt that something wrong happen with your PC? As the owner, you probably can feel if your PC acts strangely. If you do feel so, it might the sign that your PC has been infected with virus or malware from the internet. Maybe we all are tired about our PC getting compromised, but who in this world …

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What ALS Ice Bucket Challenge can Teach Us about Marketing

If you work closely to social media, you must aware that Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon has swept the internet with people willingly soaked their body with cold water. From businessman to top Hollywood celebrities, this viral campaign has touched a lot of people to take part of the movement willingly without no doubt. This is what we called as social …

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