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The Best Sites to Learn Coding and Increase Your Programming Skill

When you want to be an expert programmer or website developer, the programming and coding skill must be an important ability for you. And so many best sites you can consider to be a place to learn coding and increase your knowledge about programming stuffs.  For beginners, these sites are the most wonderful ones as a lovely place before you become an expert programmer! You can learn all about CSS, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, Ruby, and other programming stuffs on these sites.


W3school is one of the best sites you can try to learn programming stuffs. You can learn how to make a code and practice it directly to know the detail of error you can get from the process of code making. W3schools also come with exclusive library. You can learn about HTML/CSS (HTML5/CSS3), JavaScript, PHP, ASP, XML, AJAX, jQuery on this site. For beginner, this site perfectly easy and lovely to be a place for learns programming stuffs. The steps are so basic and the tutorial has 19 separate lessons, each of which will take most people 15 minutes to a half hour to complete.


It’s also one of the best sites and very recommended for the beginners. Codecademy is more attractive, lovely and easy. The site offers tutorial for HTML, PHP, jQuery, Python, Ruby and JavaScript with fun and easy design way so you won’t feel bored when visit this site. Codecademy also come with detail instructions so it will help when you want to read the lessons first before practice the programming stuffs.

Code Avengers

Actually it comes with same method like Codecademy; Code Avengers offers fun way to learn about coding and programming stuffs. There are three levels you must take to become a full expert programmer. It offers tutorial about HTML/CSS (HTML5/CSS3), JavaScript.


Codeschool has easy and casual design and comfy to be a place for learn about coding. Very recommended one and also free. You can choose to learn HTML/CSS, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript or iOS on this site.


LearnStreet also free and one of the best sites to learn about coding and programming stuffs. This site puts focus on the code-entry thing and offers 12 lessons for beginners. Not only level for beginners, there is also levels for intermediate and advanced so it’s a much recommended site. Also there are some categories you can choose here like tools, games, and algorithms.  You can choose how to learn HTML/CSS, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, PHP, Python and jQuery. LearnStreet also come with easy design where the instruction details are listed on the left side of the screen, so it’s going to be easy for beginners to learn it so fast.


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