Friday , 3 February 2023
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Two Mistakes in Digital Marketing That Companies Are Not Aware Of

The increasing use of digital marketing in today`s business are avoidable. People like to spend hours browsing internet and use social media and this fact is just something company can`t deny. Despite almost all companies in the world turn their marketing from traditional to digital marketing, but many of them are still struggling and sometimes fall into some mistakes that ...
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How Social Media Contributes to SEO and Your Website

Actually, search engine term is not only belongs to Google when we talk about SEO and high SERP ranking. There are many search engines that also use good SEO implementation, but because Google has the biggest market share, 67.3 percent, than other search engines, people often tied the success of their website to Google ranking. But, SEO is not only ...
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What 3 SEO Experts Say About Keyword Density

Keyword density is one of important factor that impact to your website`s ranking. It is all about the keywords percentage in your content in comparison with the total words on the content. Even if it causes quite impact for your rank, but there is no one can give any accurate calculation about ideal keyword density because Google and other search ...
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Search Engine Advices for Link Building in 2014

Link building is popular way to bring traffic to your websites. Link building is getting other websites to link to your website to improve your ranking in search engines. But, unfortunately Google is no longer count any ‘freely given’ links to rate the popularity of a website. It means that black hat SEO techniques are no longer work. So, what ...
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4 SEO Tips to Improve Your Content`s Visibility

Still worry about how your pages show in search engine? Applying right SEO tricks to your website will help to boost your pages` visibility and get higher rank in search engine. Black hat techniques are no longer works to get higher rank in Google search engine as they changed their algorithm already, but many SEO tricks that still work despite ...
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SEO Link Building ideas 2014; Part II

In previous article, we have talked about five SEO link building ideas that still work in 2014; create a blog, has interactive web design, PPT submission, free-downloadable material and join Q&A communities. And now at this article, we will continue to talk about another five link building ideas that still work even after Google changed its search engine algorithm. As ...
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