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How Social Media Contributes to SEO and Your Website

Actually, search engine term is not only belongs to Google when we talk about SEO and high SERP ranking. There are many search engines that also use good SEO implementation, but because Google has the biggest market share, 67.3 percent, than other search engines, people often tied the success of their website to Google ranking. But, SEO is not only for Google or typical method for search engine to be exact. Social media also has same functionality. As the popularity of social media is getting bigger, so is the volume of searches on these social networks.


As Google becomes trickier at interpreting search intent, giving relevant results to search term and fight the scam, SEO tactics are not enough. Because social media usage has risen for its popularity, credible, relevant and abundant sources, search engines now are turning to social media. And your brand must do the same, too. Then, how social media contribute to SEO and your website? Here`s how.


1. Link Potential

Social media activities can help to increase brand or website awareness. This increase situation can lead to links to your article. This kind of contribution impact to your website overall profile, as well as to SEO.

2. Traffic Volume

Social media can significantly increase the traffic volume to your website, which is good for link building as well as SEO. The most popular item to be shared on social media to bring traffic is usually an interesting post, video, event and blog post. If your content can get the visitors to stick around reading for it, then you can get organic results. Search engines use rate of page per visits, time visitors spend in your content as the important factor for your website ranking.


3. Search Query Volume

As popular platform these days, social media can help you to introduce your brand to wide audience. If that happen, you have increased the overall brand awareness of yours which can lead people to perform more search intent for your brand.


4. Brand Signals

Some people think that getting mentioned on a blog or social media, without a hyperlink can also contribute to your website ranking. Google called it as co-citation and consider it as brand signal. You can use social media to increase your brand awareness because it can results in co-citation situation.


5. Profile Ranking

A popular social media profile will rank high for the brand terms. So, when you have high-quality followers on your social media accounts, it will give you advantage of organic result. This result will not only bring traffic to the website, but also rank your website in high position for SERP.

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