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Two Mistakes in Digital Marketing That Companies Are Not Aware Of

The increasing use of digital marketing in today`s business are avoidable. People like to spend hours browsing internet and use social media and this fact is just something company can`t deny. Despite almost all companies in the world turn their marketing from traditional to digital marketing, but many of them are still struggling and sometimes fall into some mistakes that they are not aware of its presence. Many of them think that their digital marketing strategies are good enough to boost sales and build positive brand awareness.

In this article we are going to talk about two aspects of digital marketing; social media and online advertising. These two aspects of digital marketing are important factor to a success digital campaign. But many companies still making mistakes which lead to consumer confusion and in the end this effort turn useless because of misunderstanding. Here we two mistakes from social media and online advertising that companies make, but they don`t aware of it.

Social without Soul
Companies are gearing up to utilize social media to its fullest, but many of them are not meeting what consumers expect. Experts found that consumers see the social media as customer journey. Companies and their brands should be engaged with their community first rather than pushing a non-stop marketing messages. It is better to also make your social media account as customer service center to solve customer` problems with your products or services. So the key is to get close with your followers as well as customers. This kind of social presence will give you strong acknowledgement of fast response, trusted, responsible brand which will lead to sales increasing.

Ads without Vision
Online advertising has turn to be a-must-have marketing channel for companies. With many people in the world connected and active in internet, the chance for your brand`s online advertising to be seen by potential customers is very high. But, still many companies are making some error. They tend to create ads without clear target markets.

Online ads that appear on website out of the target audience will barely get attention. The placement of ads is important rather than having an auto play ad that will appear in any website in this world randomly. It is just useless to post ads without right target markets. You can use online advertising company that let you customize the placement for specific websites and region in this world.

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