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SEO Link Building ideas 2014; Part II

In previous article, we have talked about five SEO link building ideas that still work in 2014; create a blog, has interactive web design, PPT submission, free-downloadable material and join Q&A communities. And now at this article, we will continue to talk about another five link building ideas that still work even after Google changed its search engine algorithm. As we know, Google is getting picky for with backlinks from unworthy websites. Let`s find out another five SEO link building ideas 2014 that still work at the moment. Have a try!

6.  Provide embed codes

To put your embed codes on your website is another clever idea to get many high quality backlinks. Popular website on earth, YouTube, allows its users to share its videos on their websites. If you want to put a YouTube video on your website, you just need to copy and paste the embed code located below the video to your website. This video can lure positive backlink to your website, seamlessly.

7. Choose high quality directories

Even though many SEO expert says that directory submission is no longer for 2014, actually it still one of the simplest and efficient link building for SEO. But, directory submission only work from high quality directories only. Not all directory websites out there are bad; there are still many great and high quality directories with high PR. When you submit your web page to directories, make sure to choose the most relevant category, don`t put keywords on description and don`t submit the same details to other directories; each directories must have different detail about your page.

8. RSS feed submission

RSS feeds will automatically generate XML codes that provide highlight of the website for those who subscribed there. This service enables the users to get automatic alert whenever you update your website. If your website is based on CMS, it offers RSS feed instantly to your website, but if your website is based on other program, you can create the RSS feed for your website at FeedBurner. After you get the URL, you can submit the URL to RSS directories to get healthy backlinks

9. CSS/HTML5 galleries

CSS and HTML5 galleries can help you to get high quality backlinks because it showcases the best CSS/HTML5 websites from around the world. If your website is good at CSS/HTML5, this idea is worth to try.

10. Transcribe popular videos and audios

You can find popular experts or blogger in your niche and transcribe their videos and audios. When you complete the transcription, you can contact then and ask to publish it on their site or yours, with your contribution link with it. This simple way has great chances to get many hhigh quality backlinks.
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