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What 3 SEO Experts Say About Keyword Density

Keyword density is one of important factor that impact to your website`s ranking. It is all about the keywords percentage in your content in comparison with the total words on the content. Even if it causes quite impact for your rank, but there is no one can give any accurate calculation about ideal keyword density because Google and other search engines have updated their algorithm with more complex calculation and vary for different sites and keywords.

If you ask SEO experts about the ideal keyword density for SEO, their answers will be vary and most of them don`t think every webmasters need to put ideal keyword density in order to be seen by search engines. Here we have opinion from some SEO experts about this matter. But, before we get there please take a note that search engines are not that easy to get fool these days. But the thing is keyword is important for a content but don`t do such black hat technique with keyword stuffing because Google is able to detect it now. So, before you get the penalty from Google, it is better to just perform legal SEO trick.

Back to ideal keyword density, here we have 3 SEO experts share their thought about the ideal amount of keyword density that will do well to your website.

  1. Sebastian ( ‘Optimal percent is a myth’

“Oh well, I thought that thingy was beaten to death already. “Optimal KD” is a myth. Today`s search engines are way too smart to fall for such poor optimization methods. Even a single inbound link with a good anchor text can boost a page lacking the keyword in question so that it outranks every page with tuned Keyword Density”.

2. Barry Welford ( ‘Keyword Density gets less and less relevant all the time’

“Keyword Density gets less and less relevant all the time, at least for Google with Latent Semantic Analysis, Personalized Search, etc., etc. Most results come from the ‘long tail’ of combinations of keywords. What counts are conversions to sales, if that’s your real business objective. Poorly executed SEO may even work against conversions if it turns off human prospects.”

3. Aaron Wall  ( ‘An over-rated concept’

I think Keyword Density is an over-rated concept. Even with similar keyword densities one page may rank while another does not. And that’s true even if they have the same link profile. That in and of itself, should show the (lack of) value of KD. It also has two toxic side effects. Some people write what ends up sounding like robotic copy. Others, in an attempt to increase KD, end up editing out important keyword modifiers and semantically related phrases, which not only lowers their traffic (since they took many relevant words off the page), but also makes their page look less like other top ranked pages.”

So, for you webmasters out there, there is no exact ideal keyword density percentage. The more you are involved in this business, the more you can measure it by yourself, by experience for the best practice in keyword density.

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