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Which ASP.NET Hosting Platform Suitable for Your Site

Getting your webpage on the internet can be a challenge sometimes. Especially, when you are a newbie and have a little know-how on web development. If you want to build a website, you can hire a web designer, web programmer or any other experts. But you should decide by yourself what kind CMS you want to use, the web design, …

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Optimize ASP.NET Pages to Improve Web Performance

As you have been familiar with ASP.NET web development, you probably have heard about Data Grid, Data List and Repeater controls in ASP.NET. These features work wonders in ASP.NET development.  They help your webpage displaying data much faster and efficient that you should make the most of these features on your ASP.NET site. I will breakdown the benefits of Data …

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Why Add ASP Spell Checker to ASP.NET 2.0 Applications

One of the useful and neat features in ASP.NET 2.0 applications is the spell checking facility. You probably don’t like to write your own custom built spell checking facility since it take a long time, so you can buy a third party component and slot it into your site. It also can be an investment as it can be reused …

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Using Menus in ASP.NET Development (3)

This is the third in a series of tutorials about developing ASP.NET websites. The starting point for this series can be found here. In the last lesson, we learned about using images to make our website more interesting and useful.  In this lesson, you will learn about using menus in your web pages. This lesson is going to assume that …

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How to Add Images into ASP.NET Webpage (2)

This is the second lesson in a series of free tutorials about programming your own website using Microsoft ASP.NET and Visual Studio Express, which is a free programming environment available from the Microsoft website. For more information about downloading and using the ASP.NET programming environment, see the introduction to this series, which is located here. In tutorial one, we talked …

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How to Build a Basic ASP.NET Webpage (1)

Web Page Basics Before starting ASP.NET web pages, it’s important to understand how the ASP.NET technology works. Basically, web pages are just text files, like word documents, that live on a computer in the sky called a web server. Only the text files in this case have special code in them that only the web server knows how to interpret. …

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