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Which Development Tools You Used to Develop ASP.NET Application?

Which ASP.NET Development tools Suitable for you? 1 – ASP.NET Intellisense Generator ASP.NET Intellisense Generator offers a rich and easy-to-use interface that allows you to provide intellisense symbol definitions for your custom server controls.

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The Differences of ASP.NET, MySql and Php Web Hosting

Choosing between LINUX web hosting and Windows web hosting is an intimidating task. You should know the language of the site, prior to which platform, or what type of Server you need. Linux web hosting is best suited for a simple HTML site or an ecommerce site, or other programming-database feature created in php mysql. If your site is an …

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ASP.NET Tutorial – Starting Web Development

Making money online is getting popular every day since it costs less funds than doing business in 5 dimensions world. To start, you need a website and to do this you only need small money to subscribe to an affordable web hosting company. The next step is choosing a building software. One building software you can try is ASP.NET from …

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ASP.NET Hosting – ASP.NET Hosting Information for Your Website

By choosing ASP.NET web hosting, normal users and companies can establish successful websites using powerful, secure, and the advance features with ASP.NET scripts. With the help of ASP.NET web hosting service provider, users can now even enjoy a solid and safe hosting experience without worrying about the server management workloads. ASP.NET web hosting provides secure platforms and content management. Some …

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ASP.NET MVC Best Practices

The marvelous technology inception from Microsoft, ASP.NET has for the past few years conquered the favoritism of a large section of the web application development community owing to its maturity and stability. The passage of time has rendered the ASP.Net not obsolete but a little behind times maybe. The subsequent updates have surfaced and the Model View Controller (MVC) is …

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12 Advantages of ASP.NET

What is ASP.NET? ASP.NET means Active Server Pages. NET and was developed by Microsoft. ASP.NET is used to create Web pages and Web-based technologies and beyond the scope of vision of Microsoft’s. NET. As a member of the board. NET, ASP.NET is a very valuable tool for programmers and developers because it allows them to create dynamic Web sites and …

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